Rezekne Attractions Guide Area
  Rezekne (Rezekne) - large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city's area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents,…

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Kliluk - the spotted lake is the star attraction of Canada - unusual places of our planet
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Tours in Germany: curative tourism and recreation, resorts, attractions, excursions


Going on vacation? Note Germany is one of the richest European countries with a controversial past, but at the same time attracting many tourists a variety of excursions and its atmosphere. Germany – this and half-timbered houses with roofs of tile, and beautiful Rhine valley with its medieval castles and monasteries and amazing landscapes in the foothills of the Alps. In the summer popular health resorts of Baden-Baden. In the winter period many people visit ski resorts. From mid-September to mid-October is celebrated folk festival – Oktoberfest. In November starts the season of carnivals for a duration of 4 months. Carnivals are held in Cologne, Bonn, Mainz, düsseldorf and Munich. Also many tourists are attracted by the possibility of relatively cheap shopping. All this suggests that Germany, which the company “REISEN UKRAINE” organizes tour of Ukraine – do not waste the unique opportunity to book last-minute trips to Germany at a great price, especially because our company works only with reliable foreign partners and guarantees excellent quality and a wide range of tourist services.

Time zone

When traveling to Germany, be aware that local time differs from Kyiv for 1 hour in the smaller side.

Currency: cash in circulation is the Euro (EUR). We accept payment cards of major international payment systems.


Among the attractions of the country can distinguish the valley of the Rhine, Bavaria, Schwarzwald, the Baltic coast. In the South there are the famous lakes and mountains. The highest of them – Feldberg. Germany is also famous for its wine-growing region in the South of the country.

The main tourist cities: Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Leipzig, Bonn, düsseldorf, Mainz, Neuwied, bad Honnef. To list all of them within the framework of a brief review simply is not possible. However, let us focus on the most popular attractions in Berlin. Among them stands out such places: Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg gate, the street Unter den Linden, Pergamon Museum, Museum. Bode, St. Hedwig, the German historical Museum, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum Island on the river spree, the State Opera, the Palace of Friedrichstadtpalast, the Memorial Church, Alexanderplatz square, Galeries Lafayette, the Church of our lady, fountain of Neptune, New national Gallery, New Synagogue, watch “globe”, “House at checkpoint Charlie”. One of the most beautiful places in the heart of the city — the Palace Charlottenburg and the Reichstag, the Berlin TV tower, the world’s largest zoo, a Botanical garden, a complex of monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers in Treptow Park, Berlin wall.

Also all over Germany there are thousands of gorgeous medieval castles. Among them: Rainfall(1250), Inbritish, Sunek(1010 g.), Reichenstein (near Trechtingshausen), Hoisdorf (former Royal court), Rheinbreitbach, Lanek (XIII century), the river Rhine, two of the destroyed castle of Liebenstein and Sterrenberg. in Kamp-Bornhofen, in the Marksburg well preserved Hall of Knights, chapel, women’s space, the chastity belt, weapons, etc.

Each year, both independently and through various tours Germany is visited by more than 8.5 million tourists. They are attracted by rich historical heritage, rare monuments, beer festivals and climatic resorts. As for tours in various lands of Germany from Ukraine, to buy a ticket on the most favorable terms, the company offers “REISEN UKRAINE”, which definitely can be called one of the largest tour operators in the European direction.

The visa regime in Germany

When you purchase tours through Germany for Ukrainian citizens need a Schengen visa, the clearance of which takes place at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kiev.

Term of registration of visas to Germany is 3-4 days. Filing needs is made 10 days prior to your departure from Ukraine. The collection of documents needs to begin early in 2.5 – 3 weeks before departure, due to the nature of the visa. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany when submitting documents for a visa personal presence of each of the applicants (except children under 18).

The population

The population is about 82 million people. Most of them are Germans and Danes. The population density in Germany is quite high and is 230 inhabitants per 1 sq km.


The official language is German. English is widely spoken.

Political structure

On the political structure Germany is a democratic parliamentary Federal country. The head of state is the Federal President, the head of government is the Federal Chancellor. The legislative body of the country – the Bundestag.


Main groups of population by religion: Christians, Protestants (Lutherans over 50%) and Catholics.

In the event of emergency and unforeseen situations are these phones:

The area code in front of emergency rooms is not required.