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Strange lakes of the world. The pink lake in Senegal.

In the world there are many beautiful and amazing places created by mother nature.

One of the brightest and most charming — the Pink Lake in Senegal, the country where the final stage of the world famous Rally «Paris-Dakar rally». It is situated in the beautiful environment of sand dunes, and strange exotic baobab trees that are the symbol of Senegal.

This natural wonder attracts tourists from all over the world.

In the evening the Pink Lake adjusts to a dreamy mood. Twilight gives it extra allure and mystique, and its color can vary from pink to deep red, depending on weather conditions. Water may change color and depending on the color of the sky reflected on the water surface. Especially exciting — the lake during sunrise. It excites, confuses…

Such a romantic name of the lake has quite a rational explanation: the color of water — pink because of the microbes that can only survive in salt water. Of course, under such circumstances, we are not talking about fish or other representatives of the water world. The lake is very salty compared to the Red Sea! Off its coast is salt production since 1970.

It is quite complex and unpleasant lesson. Join members of both sexes – men and women. Men, being almost neck-deep in the water get from the bottom of lake salt. It may seem that boat are about to go under water, so it is overloaded, however it is not necessary to worry, because a high concentration of salt keeps it securely on the surface. On the shore to the fact attached women.

Conditions of heavy labor, women spend at the lake for fourteen hours a day! Of course, such conditions are draining people. In addition, the water in the lake is so salt, that go into the lake without a special lubricating grease, can be very dangerous. And the salt solution reaches such a concentration that it is able in an hour to leave the body terrible of wound.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the getter salt soak two or three years of such work and leaves it, not to remain on all life the invalid. Despite this sharp contrast: a grueling human labor on the one side and the charm of «culprit» such exhaustion — with another, a pink pearl of Dakar, for many years, attracts people with its natural originality, which you can enjoy in any weather conditions and within twenty-four hours a day.

After all, it is an undisputed fact that the Pink Lake — one of the wonders of the world!