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The Most transparent lake in the world, New Zealand


New Zealand’s South island is famous not only for the fact that it was filmed the trilogy of Lord of the Rings and two of the film “Hobbit” about the journeys of Bilbo Baggins, but for the fact that here is one of the most transparent lakes in the world.

The lake is located in a National Park Nelson.

The lake depth of 76 meters, and distilled water is so clear and pure that you can see the bottom.

The indigenous people of New Zealand “Maori” call it a lake blue – Rotomairewhenua .

For the first time, it sank the Danish photographer Claus Timman
(Klaus Thymman) with the permission of New Zealand authorities.

Timman takes for such channels as National Geographic, BBC, CNN, and also worked with brands such as: Nike, Sony, Ralph Lauren and Nokia.

The clearest lake in the world Until recently, the most pure lake in the world was considered our famous lake Baikal. But discovered not so long ago new Zealand Blue lake surpassed in purity even water it. Scientists suggest that it was formed 7,500 years ago. And since then stores pristine purity. The structure of its water over the years has not changed. Blue lake in New Zealand compete with lake Baikal in terms of purity.
Feeding crystal clear water, the lake is maintained independently in this state. Scientists claim that it can remain unchanged for hundreds of years. The blue lake is so pure that even in the deepest part through the water you can in the smallest details to consider the bottom. For its uniqueness, the lake has earned the unofficial title of “God’s bathtub”.
Access to this lake is limited, and only once with permission of Department of conservation of New Zealand photographer-divers were allowed to dive in its waters. It is also sacred to the Maori tribes living in these places. To enter the lake and swimming in it is strictly prohibited. In the pure Blue lake in New Zealand forbidden to swim
It should be remembered that it is human activity that causes the greatest harm, polluting lakes and their coastal territory. If a person will care about the environment, then nature will respond with gratitude. And we will for many more years to enjoy the beauty of the lakes and the peace that reigns on their shores.