Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast
  In the distant, beautiful land of Russia, among picturesque meadows, gloomy forests and majestic mountains, at a height of 803 meters above the ground, there is a wonderful lake…

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Snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and cute Zebra in the Serengeti!
  Check yourself for strength, a crazy adrenaline rush, Safari in unspoilt wilderness, hundreds of thousands of African animals, the unfathomable riches of the underwater world and relax on the…

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Red flowers torn from the water-rhizome

Tourists almost completely destroyed the blooming lotuses, whose beauty has recently admired the hundreds of thousands of people. Lotus seeds in the Volgograd region brought fishermen from Astrakhan five years ago.

Since ancient times, the Lotus is considered a sacred plant because of its open flowers ability to turn with the sun.

Today, the site of the once Lotus plantations, there were only a few flowers. Locals together with the administration accused of blasphemy in the heads of the natural Park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain”, which is directly, in their opinion, should be responsible for the lake.

– We repeatedly tried to talk to the leadership of the natural Park, but no response, the lake turned into a puddle – konasov worried, Alexander, the Deputy head of the Kirov rural settlement sredneakhtubinsky district. – And because this area is under the jurisdiction of the Park. Now the lake of debris on pure enthusiasm cleaned the toes “Unity”. You can safely predict that in the Volgograd region of lotuses will be no more.

The information that the responsibility for the safety of lotuses lies entirely on the shoulders of the nature Park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain” Dezinformare confirmed in oblkompriroda.

– These plants are included in the red book, which means that they must be protected against barbarism, otherwise the situation may lead to the complete disappearance, explained Dezinformare Dmitry Zolotarev, head of the Department of environmental measures and development of system of especially protected natural territories of oblkomprirody. – We will check this situation.

In the natural Park from lotuses, listed in the red book, not disown, but the safety is not guaranteed.

– We can’t put to every Lotus on guard, – has expressed the indignation of Dezinformare employee of the Park. – Budget is not provided.

At the end of the conversation the employee of the nature Park gave his version of the disappearance of lotuses.

– Flowers die because of unpredictable summer. You will see what the summer is cool. Don’t worry, will bloom next year.