7 things to do in Italy
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The lake is known for
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LONG – Lake Blue


Children’s camp “Blue lake” was founded in 1991 for the children of workers and employees of the Leningrad plant “Engine”. The DOL “Blue lake” is a celebration of summer, joy, peace, understanding and creativity. The camp is located in the Vyborg district on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes of the Karelian isthmus. Water space, scenic natural landscapes, fresh air, and help you create a unique microclimate. Each year, it welcomes hundreds of boys and girls, but not because “magical lake blue magnet”. Children and parents know that the experienced teaching staff of the camp is always ready to organize their stay and make it informative and interesting. Highly professional, friendly team “Blue lake” invests a lot of effort in improving his beloved camp. For better organization of summer recreation here. The large well-landscaped area of twelve hectares, is conveniently and compactly located.

– winter seven two-storey buildings with rooms for 4-6 people. The total capacity of the camp is 550 people per shift. All residential buildings have toilets and wash areas with nogometni on the floor. There are also showers on the floor, clothes dryer and bathroom hygiene, Laundry at the camp.

– sports grounds for playing basketball, volleyball. football, mini football, badminton; the pride of the camp is considered to be a newly built sports hall 30m Hm.

– in the medical building is a medical center with dining room, with an insulator 20.

– well equipped ,spacious concert hall to conduct creative activities and competitions, concerts and lectures, and film screenings, movies on the big screen and video projector.

Experienced teachers of additional education are taught to all children.

– “Modelling – clay”;

– “Skillful hands” (Origami-familiarity with the basic form “KUSUDAMA”;magic tricks from the paper” modular origami); —-“Traditional folk toy”- Cuvalci, pelenashki, ritual dolls, Veshnyaki. “Woven bark”- the Manufacturer of frames ( Quilling).

– “The bright world” – expanding the range of the visual arts(themed landscapes, still lifes, decorative compositions, panels, collages. Painting on wood, design application, development of collective compositions using the art and available material.

– and also in the work camp, choir and dance clubs. Classes in these circles to generate extraordinary wealth for a successful art and moral education, combine not only the emotional side of art, but brings joy as a performer. and the viewer, uncover and raise spiritual powers, raise, artistic taste and love of beauty.

Especially popular are mugs karaoke, computer class – learning user skills when working with game programs; games – there are plenty of Board games, tennis ,Billiards, hockey, soccer, puzzles, intellectual games.

The camp has a library, you can come here at any time, where a lot of interesting books of contemporary and classical literature, and you can also find the book at school.

To engage children in active physical exercises and sports that strengthen the health and improving General physical training of children, the development of basic physical qualities, the camp has a beautiful, highly professional teachers of physical culture. Work in this direction is very much as during the day. and throughout the summer recreation season.

The day begins with a morning exercise that promotes healing and hardening of the children. Training of different mobile games, which is unfortunately very little is given in our schools in physical education classes. Sports fields are always busy with sports games, competitions, contributing to the motivation of rehabilitation, hardening children; identification of the strongest teams and individual participants. Change is taking place under the motto ” No day without sport!”.In the camp a sufficient number of sports equipment, and a large number of sports fields and playgrounds for sports activities. Especially popular day camp is “Adult – children”, when during the day the best teams of children compete with teams of counselors in various sports, ranging from football, pioneer ball, volleyball, tennis, relays, martial arts and ending with an evening event ,which is in our camp very popular, and all the children are happy to play this game- “Russian lapta”.

In hot weather, the bathing of children is at the middle of the lake a hundred meters from the camp under the guidance of an experienced physical trainer.

The camp is always clean and warm: the camp boiler room provides heat and hot water. Light. a spacious dining hall for 450 seats, which is always just loved kids. In the menu in addition to traditional and necessary to the younger generation of meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, juices and ice cream.

Friendly and experienced camp staff organizes .interesting and diverse recreation for children. The camp territory is fenced and guarded – rest “Blue lake” safe.

The camp is located in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region near the village of Tsvelodubovo.