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Staring at the lake Long and Black ponds


In Russia Finland often called “land of a thousand lakes”. Actually, that’s wrong. Finland should be called “the country of THOUSANDS of lakes”. There are about 56 000 lakes, the area of which is at least one hectare. And when you consider reservoirs with an area of 500 square meters, they are across the country collected almost 190 000!

The greatest number of lakes – more than 8,000 – is located in the municipality of Inari, in Lapland. On the second and third place also North of the commune Enoteca ( 3 000) and Kuusamo (2 000). Only in six communes of the lake is completely absent. This Aura (Western Finland), Upala in the province of häme, Kerava in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, Marttila (near Turku) and åland’s capital Mariehamn, and Sottunga (åland).

Detailed information about Finnish water bodies ranging in size from one hectare collected and systematized on the website (in Finnish, Swedish and English). Here can be found plenty of useful information on the size, depth, condition of the lakes and seasonal changes (e.g. water temperature or the thickness of the ice cover), their flora and fauna. The site is maintained by Center of environment of Finland, but their own observations and photographs can add and citizens.

Lake systematized including, by their names. Interestingly, in Finland thousands of lakes, but also thousands of their names, specifically, almost 20,000. The most common name is Mustalampi (Mustalampi), translated into Russian – Black pond. This small lake is available in almost every community, some more than one: in Finland, there are 391 Black pond and commune – 317. It is especially popular name in the Eastern regions of Finland.

Among other names of small lakes, ending in the word was (“pond”), leading Ahvenlampi or Perch pond (335 lakes) and Haukilampi or Pike pond (265 lakes). The most popular names with the termination of the word järvi (lake): Saarijärvi or Island (198), Särkijärvi or Platinoi (176) and Fiskars (172).

Most of the names have ancient roots. “Lakes and ponds played such an important role in the everyday environment that they were given names in the first place, and these names are rarely changed,” says the specialist Language centre Finland Helina Uusitalo has been.

Many lakes were named based on their shape. For example, 7 Finnish lakes Trouser (Housujärvi) resembles this garment. Names, which are found in foods often indicate the condition of the water. Thus, lakes with the names of “dough” (taikina) or “porridge-gruel” (velli) usually have a muddy bottom, and the water in them is unclear.

16 000 Finnish lakes are the holders of original names not found in other. The most famous of them is lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest lake in Europe. It covers an area of 137 703 hectares, a coastline of nearly 15,000 km.

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