Routes Montenegro
  Montenegro routes. There are many interesting and every day of your holiday you can spend with use. Just lying on the beach would be a shame if you find…

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Strange lakes of the world. The pink lake in Senegal.
In the world there are many beautiful and amazing places created by mother nature. One of the brightest and most charming — the Pink Lake in Senegal, the country where…

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Famous lake nesamovite


Many tourists who first gathered in the Carpathians, ready to meet with beautiful peaks, endless forests and rocky roads. Their are lots of surprises in these magical places, because, besides, here there are amazing lakes, huge meadows, and totally unique people, welcoming and helpful. One of such gifts of the Carpathian mountains is a beautiful mountain lake nesamovite, surrounded by numerous legends.

If you prefer to stay in Tatariv. certainly need to make a trip to Hoverla, by selecting the route from the base “Zaroslyak”, which includes not only climbing, but also further visit to the Nesamovyte. The path will not be easy, but the effort is definitely not wasted, because you will come to this miracle of nature.

Glacial lake

This is the pearl of Ukraine, Turkul between vertices and Edges and is the highest glacial lake in the Carpathian mountains. The views here are incredible, just breathtaking. You can spend hours admiring the smooth surface of the lake, peaks, covered with lush grass and mountain flowers, rocky ridges. Want to stretch hand to embrace the whole world, so I feel light and free, getting rid of all thoughts of petty troubles and problems.

The lake is small, and its depth is only one and a half meters, in winter it freezes completely. However, the energy here is amazing, no wonder there are so many legends about tiny pond.

Obstinate spirit lake

Among the Carpathian lakes it is considered the most mysterious. According to legend, it was here that weather is created in the mountains, often difficult for tourists, because you can hit the road under a cloudless sky and after an hour of being in the pouring rain or even hail. If someone disturbed the lake, throwing a stone into the water or swim, it will become angry and send a storm. And the locals, and the tourists confirm that this is not just a legend.

However, to those who came with an open heart, lake side, this place is especially popular among young people, because if you wash it with water, until the end of the year is sure meet your soul mate.

The old-timers still claim that if you soak the wood in water, you get extremely vociferous trembita.

Be sure to come and enjoy this magical gift of Ukrainian nature, and you will leave here a piece of your heart, do not fall in love with these places is simply impossible.

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The city of Ust-Ilimsk
  Twenty million rubles allocated from the regional budget for unscheduled repairs of school № 2 in the village Train Ust-Ilimsk district. Another million for the same purpose was received…

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