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The lake is known for


Storm has unique natural therapeutic resources, the main of which are the purest sea, sandy beach, Prairie – mild curative climate and mud lake.

Yevpatoria. Stormovoe. Swimming in the sea.

Sea bathing – a well-hardened children. During the immersion of the skin blood vessels become narrow, the blood rushes to the internal organs, felt a chill. And then, on the contrary, are expanding dramatically, the outflow of blood from the internal organs, and body warmth. Swimming helps in many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, extremities anaemia, weight loss, well pulls the spine and makes a perfect full body massage. Sea water contains 37 elements from the periodic table, and chemical composition similar to human blood. Penetrating through the pores of the skin, trace minerals have a therapeutic effect: iodine ions are useful for metabolism, treatment of atherosclerosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma. Ions of bromine beneficial for nervousness, hypertensive disease. By the way, thanks to the bromine swimming in the sea restore the dream. Dissolved trace elements sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium increase skin elasticity, decrease puffiness and sagging. Sea bathing form a protective layer for the skin and nails. And because during the rest of the sea do not paint your nails. Well, for those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system is particularly useful stormy sea – the best natural inhalatorium, saturated with tiny droplets of seawater with electric charges, sea salts and volatile production of useful seaweeds that destroy microbes. Sunbathing is recommended to 11.00 and after 15.30 hours .

Crimea. Yevpatoria. Storm. Sand baths.

Sand bath is an ancient remedy for patients and entertainment for healthy. However, most travelers make a huge mistake when burying themselves in the wet sand. The sand should be dry and hot. Only its thin surface layer it is necessary to shovel for sand baths. Children sand baths effectively help against such common diseases as rickets, diathesis, Allergy. And for the adults act as the best cosmetic scrub. Weight loss at the temperature of sand about 50 degrees can be per session sand baths up to 500-600 grams. BUT! Sand baths are strictly contraindicated in tuberculosis. Generally, sick people, you should always consult with your doctor about any climatic methods of treatment. Best time “to leave in the Sands” 9.00 am – 11.00 am and after lunch 15.30 – 18.00 hours, when the sand is heated to 40 – 50°C. It has heat resistance, hygroscopicity (ability to absorb moisture), moderate contrast of grains and located between the air. Due to this the sand evenly and long enough gives the heat, strengthening potootdelenie, stimulating oxidising processes in an organism and promoting improvement of work of kidneys. Sand is fluid and therefore pressure on the body from all directions, irritating the nervous terminations of the skin in temperature, rough edges of grains of sand and salts admixed to it – it has a beneficial effect on blood and lymph vessels of the skin. With the rapid secretion of sweat formed adjacent to the body layer of wet sand, sufficient to protect from overheating, but still need a good conductive heat.

Crimea. Yevpatoria. Storm. Therapeutic muds and brine of salty lakes.

Therapeutic muds and brine of salty lakes. The region has more than a dozen small and large salt lakes, which are called estuaries. Most of them are very small, high speed water evaporation and temperature are extremely high concentrations of chemicals and trace elements, including organic origin. The most famous of the lake Sasyk-Sivash at the resort Saki, however, have medicinal properties, and also small lakes in the seaside village Storm. Therefore, say in General about the field of Saka therapeutic mud. Silt sulphide mineral mud of Sah are recognized throughout the world, especially in the field of infertility treatment. This dirt is velvety to the touch, oily, viscous, black, with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It is composed of iron oxide, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and many other elements. Compared with Dead sea mud vitamins in Saki mud lakes in 3-10 times higher lipids and their derivatives of fatty acids more than 2-3 times. About as many times more amino acid content. The majority not especially suffering from health problems campers enjoy the mud on their own. The most common pattern of ” men in black “gloves” and “boots” out of the mud. Brine is much denser than seawater and so even non-swimmers can easily float on the surface of the estuary. All this treatment has a stimulating effect on the muscles, bones, joints, increase metabolism, which contributes to anti-inflammatory, resolving the action, and also strengthens the nervous system.

*Don’t forget to consult with your doctor about the possibility of taking mud treatments!