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7 things to do in Italy

No, we do not encourage you to admire the Colosseum or ride a gondola, because everyone has the right to decide what city to give preference. But there is in this amazing country and the things that need to be done, in whatever part of it you were not.

To climb the volcano

In Italy a lot of places where you can test your courage on strength. Includes numerous volcanoes, both active and extinct. For example, to Sicily to climb mount Etna dormant, and if you’re lucky — and see how it erupts.

The volcano in Italy,

If we risk once again you don’t want to, you can go for a walk to Vesuvius or to see volcanic lakes, which are located in craters of dormant volcanoes Albano and Bracciano.

Shout in the stands

One of these cults is Italian football. Love it all from small to large, and in the stands there is indescribable atmosphere. If you want enough to yell, drain all the accumulated negative and to have some foreign friends, what better place than a football stadium.

Football fans,

By the way, it is not necessary to plan a trip to Italy for the Championships — the matches take place here every week, and the passions in a normal game, no less than in international competitions.

Live in the vineyard or in the olive grove

Ecotourism in Italy is one of the best in the world, so here come hundreds of thousands of Europeans in order to enjoy the local nature and simple relaxation. The main advantage of eco-tours in Italy that you have to live not in an ordinary village, and the houses in the middle of the vineyard, olive or lemon groves.

Vineyards in Italy,

Houses built on the slopes of the mountains and picturesque valleys, rented as a whole or parts. The most interesting variant — a life in the real Italian farming family. This will not only relax and enjoy the scenery, but to experience the true life of the country.

Take a dip in the waters of the four seas

Italy is washed by four seas, which, despite a close proximity, vary considerably. Sandy beaches and rocky shores, wild Cove and 5-star hotels, big cities and quiet villages on the Italian coast there is all of the above, it is only necessary to choose.

Italian beach,

Lovers of nightlife and Golden sand you should visit the Adriatic sea. Those who appreciate luxury and dreaming of the French Riviera and the Ligurian. Ionian sea will be liked by fans of wild rest, well, on the Tyrrhenian coast you can enjoy the peace and organize a comfortable family vacation.

To spend a weekend in the Alps

To go to the Alps in winter is not only, as many believe — in the warm time of year here is no less interesting and picturesque. Maggiore, Como, Garda and other Alpine lakes is able to give many exciting hours, and walking through their area will appeal to even novice

The Alps,

In addition, in the Alps hundreds of tiny villages where for a couple euros to buy a bottle of wine and drink it together with the seller under the canopy of trees. There are also mineral springs and luxury hotels, and the city, whose landmarks included in the legend. For example, an hour’s drive from lake Garda is the town of unrequited love — Verona.

To visit a hundredth part of the attractions

Rome or Venice, Milan or Naples — whatever city you prefer, it is hardly in one trip you will be able to see it all attractions. And so across the country it would be all the more slightly, because to learn all about the monuments, palaces and museums of Italy will require more than one year.


So, wherever you go, make a clear plan and the minimum list of the most important sights of Italy that you want to see. Do not plan too much, because running from Museum to Museum, you will not get any pleasure, only tired.

To get acquainted with local cuisine and drinks

Not randomly around the world so many cafes and restaurants with Italian cuisine — it really is incredibly delicious. But one thing is a copy, albeit skilled, and quite another — the original. So, do not delay go to the nearest trattoria or supermarket and enjoy all the pleasures of Italian food and products.

Italian kitchen

But in the list of things to do in Italy just not worth it, you can make ordering coffee after lunch; sermons, read of other people’s children; snacking on the go and the lack of habit to say Hello to the staff of shops, hotels and cafes.