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The amazing lake
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The Amazing crater lake


Crater lake is in southern Oregon, it is very popular among travelers and tourists, it is visited annually by approximately 400,000 people. The length of the lake is 10 km, width 8 km. The deepest part of the lake is 600 metres away.

Crater lake is very unusual, as it is in the crater of a dormant ancient volcano mount Mazama. Now geological evidence suggests that the volcano can Wake up at any time. The color of the lake is surprising travelers – he’s bright blue. 22 may 1902 in the territory adjacent to the lake that was created most interesting national Park, USA. Crater lake is one of the biggest lakes in the world, in the list of the deepest lakes in the world it takes seventh place.

The history of the lake

The first person who visited this lake, according to John Wesle of Hillman, in 1853, he named it “Deep Blue Lake”. The name of the lake changed several times, later it was called “the Majestic lake”, “Blue lake” and finally, “crater lake”.

The local tribe of Americans clames there is a legend connected with this lake, that of mount Mazama fought two gods – Skill and Leo, as a result of battle mountain was destroyed and in its place the lake was formed crater.

Attractions crater lake

Most tourists visit the lake to see the “old man of the lake”, a mascot Kreiter. This is the log that floats on the lake in the unusual, upright and considered, if the traveler will see the log in the waters of the lake, then he is fortunate. Due to the cold temperature of the water in the lake, the log is very well preserved and well preserved structure.

Crater lake rarely freezes over because of the flow of warm air from the Pacific ocean, although the snow covers the lake for eight months of the year. The last time the lake froze in 1949 because of the harsh and long winter. The most beautiful scenery can be seen in the summer after the final snow melt. In winter tourists come here only to enjoy skiing, outdoor activities. The main road in a national Park is a road Rim Drive, which in length is 50 kilometres, it is almost possible to get anywhere in the lake.

Around the lake there are several interesting sights. The Ghost ship – the island of broken lava, with a height of 50 meters. The name of the island was given by his mind, like in the twilight the ship, thrown into the sea to the mercy of fate. Here you can see the sharp peaks of Pinnacles formed in the eruption of the volcano, which fascinates the eyes of every visitor. In the Park there are many rivers, streams and waterfalls, vast tracts of firs and pines. The entire forest area, occupying the surroundings of the lake, is 20 000 hectares.

Flora and fauna

The natural environment, the habitat surrounding the lake are such animals like: lynx, marmot, deer, bear, eagle, hawk. Fishing is not prohibited for fishing don’t need to buy any license. Until 1888 in the lake were found fish, later it launched a bevy fry. Now here is a natural method reproduce the sockeye salmon and rainbow trout.


For tourists here built gas stations, restaurants, shops, campgrounds and hotels. Very developed and active rest, Hiking, water activities, Cycling, boat tours and fishing. During the winter a popular skiing on the gorgeous slopes of the mountains surrounding the national Park. The beauty of the lake leaves the visitors with unforgettable impression and exemplifies the preservation of unspoiled nature.