The Most amazing crater lake
  Called crater lake formed in the crater of a volcano, or in the cavity formed due to the failure of the summit of the volcano. The water of these…

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Young people of Sakhalin was made a naval expedition to the island of Kunashir
Extraordinary expedition along the island Kunashir (southern Kuriles) has committed a group of tourists from Sakhalin - acquainted with the harsh beauties of the participants in the mobile camp of…

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Kliluk – the spotted lake is the star attraction of Canada – unusual places of our planet


In Canada, in British Columbia, near the U.S. border, is awesome in its beauty and unusual spotted lake Kliluk. Lake water contains many different minerals. On cool days this lake as a lake, and in hot weather the water level drops and spotting the most obvious. And under different weather conditions quirky spots change color.

Spotted lake Kliluk – the name he was given an indigenous Indian tribe Okanagan. There is a legend that in ancient times various tribes of Indians were in a state of constant war. The decisive battle was to take place at the lake Kliluk. Entered the water, the wounded soldiers saw that the wounds on their body rapidly heal. They considered it a sign of the gods over and stopped feuding. Among the indigenous population since then, this amazing lake is considered to be miraculous, created Supreme powers.

Spotted lake actually has healing properties, thanks to its waters the huge stockpiles of magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium, silver and titanium. In dry weather water becomes so small that the minerals solidify, covered with a crust that can withstand human weight.

This unusual lake could not fail to attract huge number of tourists from all over the world. But, as for the indigenous population of these places as sacred, the Indians made many attempts to protect the lake from invasion of the curious. Finally, in 2001, they bought a plot of land with a lake for 720 thousand dollars. The natives protected Kliluk fence, for which no one is allowed. Enjoy the beauty of tourists from afar. However, there were cases where some were allowed to enter behind the fence, but we needed to get permission from elders.

It is symbolic that in hot weather on the surface is formed exactly 365 intricate islets (the number of days in a year). Indigenous Indians consider it further proof of the sacredness of the spotted lake Kliluk.