10 most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world
  I want to drop what you're doing in this stuffy city and to go to warmer climes on the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way?…

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Young people of Sakhalin was made a naval expedition to the island of Kunashir
Extraordinary expedition along the island Kunashir (southern Kuriles) has committed a group of tourists from Sakhalin - acquainted with the harsh beauties of the participants in the mobile camp of…

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The Dead sea. Lake Elton


The therapeutic properties of the Dead sea (Dead Sea), its beneficial effect on the skin is known worldwide. On vacation at the Dead sea in Israel, comes the serious public. At six in the morning, when there is no heat, the campers are already hanging in the sea as floats. And, of course, must be photographed lying on the water, throwing one leg over the other and casually reading the newspaper.

However, in order to experience the beauty and healthful procedure, does not need to travel so far from home. On the territory of Pallasovsky district, Volgograd region, far from industrial centers, there is a unique lake Elton. It is the biggest European salt lake, whose name is translated from the Turkic as “Golden lake”.

Bonanza lake changes its color from purple-red colour of its water (brine), before shimmering in gold that it happens usually after noon when the sun inclines to the West. This is due to complex composition of salts, otsloivshihsya on the bottom of the lake. The depth of the lake is quite small — is quite difficult to find a place where it exceeds 20 cm.

About the miraculous power of water and mud, hidden under “glass” bottom Elton was known to the ancient nomads. Polovtsian khans considered it a sacred pond, and the Kazakhs, swimming in Elton, called the Lord of heavenly Tengri-Khan to come down to the water to prolong their everlasting youth. From historical documents it is known for certain: already the ancient nomads knew about the healing properties of mud eltonskyi.

Traditional treatment was as follows: in the coastal layers of soil were dug deeper, there was placed the patient, and his body was covered with mud. After an hour it was washed in brine lakes. Several such procedures — diseases pass away. The glory of the world about the miraculous lake have blown the carriers of salt from local salt deposits.

The air above the lake is remarkably clean, remarkably easy to breathe and you can feel a special surge of strength and courage. Loss of morning and evening dews is not the case, what is important for patients who are prone to colds. Now, of course, it is hard to imagine that in the past the rest and treatment on the Elton is considered very prestigious and expensive. In the early twentieth century through this area passed the construction of the Astrakhan line, it was a part of the Ural railway, and on the lake created the mud baths.

Her dignity was supplemented with bubbling water rare chloride-sodium-magnesium type. For its healing properties it is not inferior to the famous “to Ensure”. Imagine: here, in the desert, came to strengthen health representatives of the Russian aristocracy and members of the tsarist family. The current sanatorium “references” located in the same village is a small “town” of single-storey and two-storey dormitories, mud baths, clinics, canteen, club, administrative building with library, dance floor.

Medical resources are salt mud, brine, mineral water very rare chloride-sodium-magnesium type, Mare’s milk, medical climate type “Egyptian”.

Tell a story that when the sanatorium was the Museum ’s Left of crutches”. People came on crutches and in a month or two returned home, leaving the crutches in the resort.