Small town Salt Iletsk is located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. The main attraction of Sol-Iletsk is a unique lake, located at an…

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Famous lake nesamovite
  Many tourists who first gathered in the Carpathians, ready to meet with beautiful peaks, endless forests and rocky roads. Their are lots of surprises in these magical places, because,…

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Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast


In the distant, beautiful land of Russia, among picturesque meadows, gloomy forests and majestic mountains, at a height of 803 meters above the ground, there is a wonderful lake with an equally amazing name, Jack London Lake. This natural wonder is located in the Magadan region, yagodninsky district, and is one of its most important natural attractions.

It’s beautiful in here! A fascinating look the scenery infinite strip running off into the distance, beyond the horizon. Forests give way to groves, groves, fields, here and there one can see the berry glade. The eye never wearied of the monotony of the landscape. And as here the birds sing! In all keys, loud, loudly, so much so that the heart begins to beat fast fraction. The climate in this place of earth is severe enough, in winter, the temperature falls sometimes below ;30 °C, the southern man to withstand this test of strength is very difficult, but local people have long adapted to such weather conditions and not even notice the drops of the bars on their thermometers. When Russia embraces the white of snow and the whole Russia sinks into its winter sleep, here comes something mystical, mysterious, inexplicable, and therefore, is attractive. The land becomes a canvas for creativity, which writes itself master of her nature. Such beauty in winter, probably, it is impossible to see anywhere else. Jack London lake becomes a perfect mirror, covered with strange, ornate patterns. But life is fickle. After the cold blizzards comes into the world the warm, gentle spring, warming the earth, waking it from oblivion, bringing back the energy of life, hopes and dreams. In the spring these places are beautiful in their own way. Everywhere blooms countless wild flowers and medicinal herbs, the nature of the changes already taking a different charm.

Jack London lake was discovered only in 1932 by a geologist, Peter Skornjakova. He just this year went by unexplored lands, hoping to draw the most complete map. On that day, not much caught his eye, and suddenly, up in the mountains and not expecting to find anything interesting, he came across a quiet, peaceful lake, occurring at dizzying heights starting at bystrovany river. From here opens a spectacular panorama, amazing picture. The geologist was sure that it sees the first deep breath that no man went there, but he was wrong. Under a tree furriers found somewhat battered by time and rain the book of Jack London. Seen someone already came here, in order to enjoy the magnificent views, immersed in his own reflections and reading. That’s why the lake got such an unusual name.

The Magadan region is the bearer of a rich and sometimes very difficult history, where there is as heroic and tragic pages. According to archaeologists, inhabited the plain people began in the Paleolithic. One tribe followed another, until we came to a more stable, strong and powerful Nations that managed to defend their land and adapt to harsh climate conditions. For years and centuries the local people were on one turn of its development, without going new. Reindeer herding, hunting and fishing – it was all that occupied the difficult everyday work of people. Much later, in the middle Ages, was created pictographic letter on birch bark, which was used as a rule, for love letters. Surprisingly, neither the Chronicles, nor any documents, local residents do not lead, the education they need. In 1651 accidentally got here Cossack and traveler, Michael Stadukhin. He longed for adventures and new discoveries, and he received them. The discovery has opened great opportunities for the Russian state.

Gradually, the region developed. It built the first churches, schools, hospitals. And then, like a thunder, struck the twentieth century.

The new government that promised the people freedom, the common good and prosperity, eventually turned the once great Nation into one great camp. Most of these camps were located here, on the Kolyma, in Baganskoy region, where climatic conditions are pushing out of the earth life of everyone who wasn’t born here.

Stretched huge, multi-thousand flows of prisoners: white, all color intellectuals, but it does not interfere with the new “red king”, but they are under attack because they were open-minded, and it is this freedom and tried to eradicate enthroned. Next came a simple, humble believers: priests, not those who are worthless behavior that destroyed faith in people’s hearts, deserved to be punished, namely those who were crystal clear, wise, and stood closer to God, from Lenin’s entourage tried to get rid of in the first place, because faith is the core that a reasonable approach makes a person strong, resilient, makes him think about many things and does not allow bending his head before the authorities. This the Communists were not necessary. This also fell and the parishioners: the girls and guys, men and women, even seniors who just refused to remove the cross and went to the temple. These victims no one knew. In the Newspapers published other propaganda, and the remaining free people thought on the Kolyma home to criminals, outcasts, enemies of the people. And enemies of the people wrote down God’s people….

Passed this terrible time. Began to raise the head of Russia. Gradually opened the curtain of history, but, unfortunately, today, few know the whole truth of the past. Today, in Magadan, a monument, a Mask of Sorrow, in honor of the victims of Lenin and Stalin’s repressions.