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Dominican Republic



What’s new in the Dominican Republic?

Christopher Columbus visited the Dominican Republic in 1492, he exclaimed in admiration: “This most beautiful land I have ever seen!”

The Dominican Republic can be described as a typical tropical Paradise, about the benefits which you can read in all the tourist brochures. And advertising is not deceptive, there are Golden sand beaches, unique black amber, hundreds of thousands of coconut palms and comprehensive peace.

Geographic features

The Dominican Republic occupies the Central and Eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago. It also owns numerous Islands, for example, Saona and Beata. The entire country covers an area of 48 730 km².

In the West, the Dominican Republic borders on Haiti, on the southern side it is washed by the Caribbean sea on the North – Atlantic ocean, East of Puerto Rico it separates the Strait of Mona.

Official language-Spanish, but almost all Dominicans working in the tourism business, speak English, German or Italian.

On the territory of the Dominican Republic has many mountains, here is located the highest peak in the Caribbean – Duarte Peak (3174 m). The mountain slopes are covered with evergreen forests and hundreds of kilometers of excellent beaches with clear waters protected by coral reefs.

How to have fun on vacation in the Dominican Republic

In hotels there is a lot of entertainment, almost all the hotels daily from 21.30 to 22.45 entertainment.

Active guests have the opportunity to snorkel and dive in the coral reef, Windsurfing or Canoeing, to water skiing and motorcycles. Among terrestrial facilities include tennis, Golf, beach volleyball, riding bicycles and motorcycles, horseback riding, lessons in the school of Latin American dances.

Something for everyone

Dominican Republic – this is a small country, so even for one trip you can visit more than one city and see many sights.

Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic – one of the most vibrant cities in the country. All the streets, buildings and monuments are literally saturated with antiquity. To better understand and appreciate the historical importance of Santo Domingo, it is necessary to walk on its cobblestone streets and admire the old buildings.

The number of restaurants and other entertainment venues, with Santo Domingo can match any city in the Caribbean. They were so numerous that for all time of stay in the country will not be able to visit all.

The Botanical garden of the Isabel de Torres

Tourists have a unique opportunity to take the cable car up to mount Isabel de Torres, which offers stunning views of Puerto Plata. The best time for this outing is early morning, when open the most spectacular views.

There is also a Botanical garden, which features many Hiking trails. In the garden grows a fiery-red ginger, flowers, giant, huge ferns and giant hibiscus.

Fort St. Philip

In the years 1660 to protect the settlement from pirates, the Spanish built this Fort. Now this building is a Museum, which presents documentary evidence of how important this castle for the history of the Dominican Republic.


Small “city of falls” Jarabacoa is located in the Central Mountain Region, 50 km from Santiago. Rainbow there are a lot of waterfalls: El Salto-Chimenea, Balneario de La Quasars, Balneario de La Confluencia, El Salto de Bigate.

In Jarabacoa with many opportunities to practice such extreme sports as rafting and climbing.

“Three Eyes”

Unique cave complex “Three Eyes” so named due to the fact that in these caves there are three unusual lake. Each of these lakes nourish the different underground systems, which explains their different color, from Chartreuse to aquamarine.

Altos de Chavon

This city of artists, which is a recreated medieval village copy – one of the most interesting places in the country. The local architectural style can be considered the Church of St. Stanislaus, which often hosts wedding ceremonies.

How to get to the Dominican Republic

From the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan to Dominican Republic flights European airline with a connecting flight in many European cities: Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam. Direct flights are possible only from Russia but from Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan – no.

The journey takes from 13 to 20 hours, depending on the airline.

The local cuisine

Briefly about the cuisine of the Dominican Republic: an unusual but very tasty mix of recipes European, African and local cuisine.

The basis of most of the dishes come from legumes, bananas and vegetables, and meat. As for fish and seafood, they do not enjoy great popularity there.

The national drink is rum, which is more than 15 varieties.

The original taste of the different alcoholic drink called “pru” local production. It is the result of fermentation of the juice of the same plant.

Video Dominican Republic

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