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The Kerch community to save the lake Chokrak


Environmental public organization «Ukrainian society for the protection of birds” 29 – 30 November conduct final conference. The event takes place in the framework of the campaign “I love my coast”.

Throughout the year, in the vastness of the Tarkhankut and Kerch peninsulas of the Crimea under the auspices of the society was held environmental action not only on cleaning of the protected coasts, but also large-scale restoration of water bodies.

“rates of Freshwater to the arid steppes are the most important objects to maintain balance in nature and development of biodiversity in our region.

During the conference, presentations will prodemonstriruet the results of the work of the public organization.

On the territory of regional landscape Park Karolinskogo in the area Karaska beams. Babicka. Plague, Mizerska. There are snigireva dam ponds.

These beams are fed by springs and precipitation, freshwater runoff and flow into the salt lake Chokrak. which, according to the petition of the Leninsky district administration. by order dated December 21, 2011 the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, is a hydrological reserve.

Dam freshwater ponds were created by local residents before the establishment on the territory under consideration in 1939 the artillery of the Crimean branch of the test site, whereby the population was moved. In August 1947 this site was created 71 military training ground of the Soviet air force. In the fall of 1961 on the territory 71 of the polygon Constructing the head of the garrison Victor Chersonesos was created by a group of hunters and fishermen, which forces troops 6 military units from the village of bagerovo, restored more than 15 dams freshwater ponds and their subsequent stocking.

In wells on-site Constructing village Council has increased the consumption of drinking water, supply town. In addition, until the late 1990s, before breaking out in floods of specified dam, in the salt lake Chokrak maintained optimal hydrological regime. Thanks to the breakthrough of dams on the natural area is soil erosion, a growing number of ravines, dramatically decreased the number of wild fowl, fell the fresh water level in wells, is an uncontrolled desalination of salt lake Chokrak. This results in a unique therapeutic mud plastering, and therefore lost the healing properties of the lake.

In autumn 1999 the competent Commission of the Leninsky district Council, under the chairmanship of Meglena decided to seek funds to restore the dams in gullies flowing into the lake Chokrak .

Scientists and experts believe that the salvation of the edges is only a problem of organizational and economic. But the representatives of JSC «Foodsecurity”. first and foremost, its Director Vitaly Kovgan. believes that first of all it is necessary to solve the environmental problem. Lake Chokrak before the war salt was extracted. So, the natural state of the lake was quite close – to a small saucer of brine in the middle of a dry summer. Now because of the floods that occur for several years, the water depth does not drop below 130 inches, while before the lake dried up to 30 centimeters. Today in lake water live freshwater algae. Members of the expedition saw the green water. On the banks of the beams appeared cane, which is the indicator of yield of fresh water. Now the salinity of the brine is only 75-100 grams of salts per liter of volume, while before it reaches 250-300 grams per liter. Because of the high-water of the lake is idle, the brine loses its quality, and the mud in such circumstances, not growing, in fact – it loses its healing properties. Vladimir Shepenko. fiercely defending the need for emergency rescue measures on the lake Chokrak. besides a biologist, argues that in the Crimea inept actions for several medicinal lakes lost. For example, Tobechytske the lake ’s ruined due to the fact that it hit water mollusks, in the other lakes began plastering mud that completely deprives their therapeutic properties”. It should not be allowed to lake Chokrak. only in the Crimea, a sludge which contains silver, say social activists.

In the Protocol of the Commission’s decision of 1999 indicated that the lake is urgently need to save is to find a way to lose excess water, arrange the gateways controllers to maintain optimal hydro­geological regime in the future.

On the call of the residents of the village bagerovo with a request for help in solving this problem responded environmental public organization «Ukrainian society for the protection of birds”, which with the financial support of the Foundation “Coca Cola” to assist in strengthening the dam in specified protected areas.

According to the materials of the head branch of the Ukrainian society of bird protection on the Kerch Peninsula of the Novel Zimnuchova .