Dominican Republic
    What's new in the Dominican Republic? Christopher Columbus visited the Dominican Republic in 1492, he exclaimed in admiration: "This most beautiful land I have ever seen!" The Dominican…

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10 most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world
  I want to drop what you're doing in this stuffy city and to go to warmer climes on the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way?…

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Resorts in Grodno and Grodno region in Belarus (Belarus)



The wealth of the Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus is invaluable: they are magnificent forests, and beautiful lakes, and a vast resort and recreation.

Resorts Grodno region, in their majority, are in natural waters, in picturesque forest surroundings. Temperate climate, saturated with sweet smells in the air have a most beneficial effect on the human body. All this contributes to the successful treatment of many diseases:

of the digestive system;

cardiovascular system;

respiratory, vision and hearing;

metabolic and endocrine system;

female and male reproductive organs.

Modern methods of rehabilitation designed with the latest achievements of balneology, and natural and recreational resources (curative mud and mineral water) can accelerate the healing process.

Many VIP sanatorium Grodno region have their own diagnostic base that allows you to quickly identify the cause of disease and prescribe a course of treatment.

Resorts Grodno region equipped with the latest technology, and the comfort of their rooms is at a high level. It serves complete meals and a wide range of services, and health pool especially will delight young guests of the resort region.

Travel company «Jam Tour” – we help to make a good choice

Our official site is created like a business card Spa vacation in the best resorts of the Grodno region. Be transported from the atmosphere dusty cities in a favorable aura of sanatorium rehabilitation.

Various health centers of the Grodno region are waiting for you throughout 2015. We will make sure that Your choice has been worthy of Your expectations. With us easy and simple to prepare and select the medical profile of sanatorium, it is not enough just to know their addresses and phone numbers. You will receive competent assistance from our managers by contacting us by any method specified in the section ” Contacts “.

A good rest and treatment – the key to a wonderful mood!

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