Lake Eibsee (Germany)
Germany always made travelers great interest and popularity of this tourist destination have earned among the various categories of tourists pleased to come here the youth of power of the…

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The Kerch community to save the lake Chokrak
  Environmental public organization «Ukrainian society for the protection of birds" 29 - 30 November conduct final conference. The event takes place in the framework of the campaign “I love…

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The city of Ust-Ilimsk


Twenty million rubles allocated from the regional budget for unscheduled repairs of school № 2 in the village Train Ust-Ilimsk district. Another million for the same purpose was received from the district Treasury. Before the start of the new academic year there will have to whitewash and paint the facade of the building, replace old Windows with plastic, and also to tidy up the basement and make some additional vents.

The actions devoted to Day of Russia

Festive procession of the city’s residents

More than 30 people in the Angara region passed the Russian language for 100 points

Kindergarten for 110 seats will be in Ust-Ilimsk

Rubicon is passed

The reservoir level has exceeded 188 meters. Quietly, as if in passing, was at one time the information that the level of the reservoir Boguchanskaya HPP has exceeded 185 meters on the Baltic system of heights. It happened last year in early November. Special attention of the public the event is not caught, but once this figure was a psychological threshold for the residents of our city and district.

IF you remember, back in 2006 in Ust-Ilimsk formed the Committee “Angara-185”. His main goal was to avoid filling the bed of the Boguchanskaya above 185 meters. But where does this number come from, and why this level can be considered optimum? Here’s what it said the former head of the Committee Oleg Kochanovsky:

– Of course, the figures are “not the ceiling”. We relied on calculations from the now deceased engineer of Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station Yevgeny Ivanovich Gvozdev. He believed that if we maintain this level of reservoirs “Boguchany” can work quietly. The velocity of flow of the Angara would be sufficient to wash away from all harmful substances. Including local flows combine. In addition, with a low level of flooding of the residents of Keola, Navona and coastal streets of Ust-Ilimsk can be left in their places. Water simply would not fit.

The Committee found broad support among the population, a letter addressed to Russian President with a request not to allow environmental catastrophe has collected about 30 thousand signatures. According to experts, the achievement level of 208 meters almost completely stop the flow of the river in our area. Speed hardly exceeds 0.5 meters per second. Accordingly, there is a risk of swamping coastal areas.

Plitvice lakes—Croatia
  In the centre of Croatia is the unique national Park Plitvice lakes . Since 1949, the Plitvice lakes are a national Park. Until 1958 here would not let anyone,…


The amazing lake
  The scope and opportunities for tourism in the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate: the territory, occupying 1 / 8th of the earth's land, diversity of geographical zones, the…

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