The Lake of the separate zones and provinces
  For specific zones and province observed its peculiarities in the origin and regime of the lakes of the CIS. In the tundra and taiga of Middle and Eastern Siberia…

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The land of resorts and skiers
  The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is rightly called the pearl of the Caucasus. Having been here only once, coming into contact with the magic of nature, talking to amazing people,…

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The largest lake in the world Baikal


In the centre of Eurasia there is the most large and unique lake in the world, the Baikal, with bird’s-eye resembles a Crescent moon with transparent blue water. The length of the lake is 636 km and width — 80 km Into the lake more than 300 rivers and streams, and flows of lake Baikal with only one river – the Angara. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world: its maximum depth is 1637 m and average is 730 m. the Total number of Islands in Baikal – 30, the largest is Olkhon island: 71 km long and 12 km wide. Still open question about the age of the lake. Many scientists believe that the lake is over 20-30 million years. However, the exact answer nobody can articulate.

Surprise lake Baikal with its unusually clean, oxygenated water. Water in the lake contains a small amount of dissolved minerals, organic impurities, but oxygen-rich. The water is cold, even in summer the temperature does not exceed +10. Water clarity is surprising: at a depth of 40 m can be clearly seen individual stones.

To imagine the scope of the lake, is to say that the volume of water in lake Baikal is 20% of all world reserves of fresh water. In the period from January to may inclusive the surface of the lake is covered by ice. The lake freezes, usually in its entirety. The thickness of the ice in the winter can be on average about 1 m, and in some places up to 2 m. However, due to the cracks that are formed on the surface of ice, fish in the lake is not dying. Moreover, under the influence of sunlight penetrating through the ice, in the water multiply planktonic algae that produce oxygen.

Flora and fauna of lake Baikal

Flora and fauna of the lake is very, very rich, and in this respect he has no equal among freshwater reservoirs. There are about 50 species of fish. Here is a list of the most exotic species of fish: Siberian grayling, Baikal omul, whitefish, trout. Inhabit the waters of lake Baikal and mammals such as seal and the Baikal seal. On the shores of the lake you can find the nest of the Seagull, birds, Goldeneye, ducks, mergansers, eagle-tailed eagle. The diversity of the organic world of the lake is so rich and unique that some species of animals and plants not found anywhere else.

Admire the beauty of the lake, its emerald water, clean air, to feel the mystical energy that many wish. In addition, tourist infrastructure in this area is well developed each year: modern hotels, sanatoriums.

Around the lake there are many monuments of nature: the cliff Shaman-stone, “Two brothers”, “Sandy Bay”, Cape Burkhan, Cape ryty, Small sea and the Peak of Chersky, 2090 m above sea level.