Lake Louise
  Lake Louise is a unique nature beauty famous Banff National Park, an area of over 6,000 square kilometers, rich in flora and fauna, and magnificent ski resort, with its…

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LONG - Lake Blue
  Children's camp "Blue lake" was founded in 1991 for the children of workers and employees of the Leningrad plant "Engine". The DOL "Blue lake" is a celebration of summer,…

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Kuban: Amazing


The new year Katya has opened a new Country.

The Country is situated on the Island. Its area is 262 sq. km.

The residents of the Country are proud that their Island is so Big – it’s bigger than all the other Islands combined. About it they write in a Tourist Booklet (Yes, they have them).

In the summer there is not very hot – the average temperature is 24 degrees, and waters – 29. Colder winter: 18 degrees air and 25 water.

In this Country lives a lot of people: 2,000 people.

The control is made by the Legislative Assembly, composed of 20 members and headed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is elected by the Legislative Assembly (the Assembly), his responsibilities include the appointment of the Cabinet of Ministers, which includes, besides the Prime Minister, three Ministers. These four people are the Supreme power of the Country. They live in the Capital. The capital is a large city consisting of two parts: North and South. In the Northern lives of 256 people. In South – 358.

The Country has no taxes. At all.

In order to enter the Country, visas are not necessary. To pay also nothing. Collecting slightly more than 400 rubles you have to pay when you leave the Country.

In the Country are very fond of tourists. They have an international airport. Once a week there arrives a Boeing 737 with a capacity of 126 passengers. This is a great event in the Country.

In the Country tour is ready to provide comfortable accommodation. There are 8 hotels in total as many as 50 rooms. None of arrived will not remain without housing.

Less than a week, to stay here is unlikely to succeed. Although, of course, you can sail away on the boat, but why? After all, the Country is a lot of entertainment.

14 festivals a year – one for each of the Towns of the Country. Schedule these festivals flexible: they are, when there is no rain.

Here you can scuba dive or snorkels in the neighborhood with curious dolphins and whales. You can explore the surface and underwater caves (the visibility in the water is 90 meters!). You can walk through rainforests and picnic (please in specially equipped places!)

You can go for super-fishing.

You can swim in the Hotel Pool with a glass of Cocktail in hand. You can go to one of the seven Cafe or even a restaurant.

Finally, you can rent a Car and traveled all 50 kilometers of roads in the Country. To choose there are as many as 11 models, and a motorcycle and several bicycles. If you have no rights, you can make them the Police of the Country for 180 rubles. Have to be careful – there are no traffic lights and levostoronnee movement. Morning and evening in the Country come in a tube.

Finally, if you tired to rest, it offers the Internet! Yes, the Country has Internet! You can go to the Internet cafe (one piece), or if you have a laptop or PDA, Wi-Fi access. Since the Island does not come into contact with the earth, and grounding it has no – it’s a giant capacitor, floating in the ocean. Because of that, wired technologies do not survive here, one lightning strike is enough to deprive the Country context. But a wireless system. The country continually develops Wireless Network – has developed a special Wi-Fi access point, powered from solar photovoltaic. They can just hang on a palm tree, that here and make.

The Country has its own telecommunication Corporation. It employs 4 people. On the home page (Yes! the Country HAS a website!), it is written that for connection to the Internet should call Amani Louis by phone (Yes!The Country has phones!) 1184 or 4638 from 9 am to 3 PM. Amani Louis – co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Internet cafe.

The Internet is free. And for residents and tourists.

The country even has its own domain! In fact, the sale of names and covered all the costs on the Internet. It hurts so good domain name got .nu. Yes, Point NUDE.

But cell phones here, fortunately, do not work. SOT no.

Of course, this is only a fraction of what you can tell about this Country. But so everyone is clear what is Rai? Or do you think that Katya’s idea is this?