Rezekne Attractions Guide Area
  Rezekne (Rezekne) - large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city's area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents,…

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Lake Eibsee (Germany)
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Plitvice lakes—Croatia


In the centre of Croatia is the unique national Park Plitvice lakes . Since 1949, the Plitvice lakes are a national Park. Until 1958 here would not let anyone, well, currently, it is equipped with Hiking trails, routes for environmentally friendly electric trains, and on ferries and small boats (electric traction). Since 1979, the “Plitvice lakes” was included in the UNESCO list of “World heritage”.

Waterfalls of Plitvice lakes

The beauty of the Plitvice lakes and waterfalls

The river Korana, flowing in these places through limestone, caused dams and barriers, thereby creating beautiful lakes, waterfalls and caves.

The untouched nature of the national Park

In the Park is prohibited to make fires, put up tents, swim in lakes, catch fish, according to this, it is possible to meet wild animals, and in clear lakes to see a variety of fish, and generally enjoy the local beauty.

Water in lakes has shades from light blue, to turquoise. Just in the national Park “Plitvice lakes” there are 16 lakes and about 140 waterfalls of various sizes, while the number of falls is constantly changing.

Tour of the national Park “Plitvice lakes”

Plitvice lakes, as already stated above, is located in the centre of Croatia and this is quite far from the main Mediterranean resorts. For example from Dubrovnik, the Plitvice lakes are situated at a distance of about 500 km, and from split to 260 km. But do not despair, in every resort city will be offering tours to these beautiful places. You can still rent a car. especially it will be beneficial and convenient if you rest the company or a large family.

The Plitvice lakes on the map

In the Park there are numerous tours and trails for every taste – from two hour to eight hour, and two-day. However, many tourists are advised to choose the eight hour tour, it was so thoroughly acquainted with this wonderful and beautiful place.

Trails with laid wooden decking, but on large lakes you can go by boat with electric motor.

Ticket prices will depend on your chosen route and season of the visit.

Made special wooden paths for tourists

Below are the prices (in euros) entrance fees to national Park “Plitvice lakes” .

• Riding the electric boat on lake Kozjak.