Dominican Republic
    What's new in the Dominican Republic? Christopher Columbus visited the Dominican Republic in 1492, he exclaimed in admiration: "This most beautiful land I have ever seen!" The Dominican…

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Ebeko - Volcanoes of the world
  Ebeko − active complex stratovolcano type Somma-Vesuvius, located in Northern Paramushir island. Seven kilometers North-West from Severo-Kurilsk. A volcano is a mountain system of Great Kurile ridge, Vernadsky ridge.…

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County Kerry, Ireland


County Kerry, located in the South-West of Ireland, on the Atlantic coast is one of the most visited regions of the country. People from all over the world come here to see the stunning scenery: rocky cliffs, picturesque coves, bays with picturesque fishing villages, evergreen valley, barren, beautiful lakes, desert island… Travellers also attract numerous sights Carrie – historical, archaeological, cultural monuments and the unique nature of the County. Its climate is not typical for Irish Islands off the coast of Kerry passes the warm Gulf stream, which “preheats” the air that provides favorable conditions for relict plants: only Carrie remained primitive oak groves.

Another asset of the County – its unique culture, jealously guarded by residents. The population is Carrie still uses in daily communication in the native Irish language Galic (gaeilge).

Ring Carrie

One of the main attractions of the County – “Ring of Kerry” is a popular closed 115-mile route on the Peninsula Iverach. This kind of “Golden Ring” of Ireland. If you look at his schematic map image on Carrie, you can see how it is full of objects, interesting for tourists. The route starts in Killarney and passes, almost belting the County, partly by forest, partly along the coast and hilly terrain. The journey on the Ring of Kerry allows you to fully enjoy the unique beauty of the species in this region, to visit the most important cultural and natural monuments, to get acquainted with the life of the indigenous Irish. The Ring can be navigated by car, bike or even on foot.

The anchor point of the route Killarney, Kenmare, Sneem, Waterville, Cahersiveen, Glenbeigh, Killorglin. The most interesting part is between the towns of Kenmare and Killorglin. Along the way you can see famous sights such as Carrie Ross castle (XV century), Muckross house (XIX century) – one of the finest Victorian mansions of Ireland the rock Rock of Cashel, the house of Derrynane, historical Park, Derrynane House where the house of the national hero of Ireland Daniel O’connell, the Coomakista pass, the skelligs, beautiful torc waterfall, resort area Watervill, Museum Bog Village Museum in Glenlee, the ancient Church of St Mary and St Michael, round the 2000 year old Staigue Fort, a chapel Cormac’s Chapek (110 years), the ring of the druids, Blue pool, the Franciscan monastery, the village of Boh and more.

Rock Rock of Cashel

Tour the Ring of Kerry, you need to visit this cliff. First, this is one of the most spectacular in Ireland lookouts. Secondly, this place is inextricably linked with the history of the country. Here are preserved the ruins of the ancient capital of the kings of Munster, in which, according to legend, St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland was converted to Christianity the king of Cork III. Here in 977, was crowned king Brian Boru. In 1101 another monarch Murtagh gave this rock the Church. Rock of Cashel adorns the chapel Cormac’s Chapel (113 years) is a bright example of Irish Gothic, the main Christian Church of Ireland in the thirteenth century. In the chapel are kept the carved sarcophagi of the XI century and carved stone cross, showing how Saint Patrick baptized the king of Munster.


Another symbolic point of the Ring of Kerry – Killarney area. Here is the town of Killarney, the eponymous chain of glacial lakes and beautiful national Park – the oldest, largest (about 10 000 ha) and highest in Ireland. In Killarney there are a lot of attractions “ring of Kerry”: Ross castle, the ring of the druids – 15 huge stones set on a hill and forming a regular circle, the Museum-estate of Muckross house, including a luxurious Victorian mansion 1843, gardens, traditional farm and the Abbey.

The Dingle Peninsula

Carrie on the map, there is another geographical point which it is desirable to include in a travel plan for the County. This is the Dingle Peninsula, which National Geographic magazine called “the most beautiful on Earth”.