Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast
  In the distant, beautiful land of Russia, among picturesque meadows, gloomy forests and majestic mountains, at a height of 803 meters above the ground, there is a wonderful lake…

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Kuban: Amazing
  The new year Katya has opened a new Country. The Country is situated on the Island. Its area is 262 sq. km. The residents of the Country are proud…

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Small town Salt Iletsk is located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. The main attraction of Sol-Iletsk is a unique lake, located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, cover an area of 53 hectares. Mineral (salty) lakes are unique in their composition, temperature and curative properties.

The most famous among them – the Collapse of the lake. Interestingly, the location of this lake formerly stood the mountain of the ACE-tube.

Water lake the Collapse of a very full of salt. In one liter of lake water dissolved more than 300 grams of salt! It is similar to the widely known Dead sea in Israel. Because of the great density of the water pushes the person to the surface and water of lake Collapse can lie quietly. The width of the lake – up to 300 meters and reaches a depth of 15-18 meters.

The history of the development of therapeutic mud, salt, brine and other natural resources Sol-Iletsk lakes has more than a century. The lake, having a huge bio-energy, are sacred for Muslims and therapeutic qualities relate to places of worship. The legend says that the lakes have powerful healing energy, which cleanses people from damage and the evil eye, giving them a recovery. Holidaymakers, located on the territory of salt lakes, restores the aura, and the body is cleared of negative energy.

To date, 7 lakes formed Iletsk salt dome, dividing the composition into 3 different groups from the point of view of Spa resources:

1. “Salty” – mineral or brine, i.e., containing a high concentration of salt: O. Camber, O. O. and Hungry New funnel

2. “Mud” – mud-brine containing therapeutic mud and brine: Tuzluca O., O. O. Wrymouth and Hungry funnel

3. “Fresh” is poorly mineralised, with low concentrations of salt: Large urban and Small urban lake.

The season of swimming and sunbathing at the resort usually starts from late may and lasts until mid-September, the peak of visit the resort in July and the first half of August.

Natural healing factors of the resort solenogo allow you to treat various diseases without expensive trips to distant resorts. Evolutionary human development have shaped its genotype, which obedinjaet specific response mechanisms of the human organism to the influence of various factors. A positive specific reaction with certain diseases to use medical factors (hydrotherapy of heliotherapy, mud therapy, aerotherapy, etc.) originally incorporated in the information system; – molecular system DNA.

Natural therapeutic factors are the Salt-Iletsk

– Mud (Silt sulfide mud: O. Tuzluca, O. Wrymouth)

– Balneotherapy (Chloride-sodium mineral water of lakes: the Collapse, New Wrymouth, Hungry funnel. Underground chloride-sodium mineral water.

– Climatic (Climate steppe, aerotherapy, heliotherapy)

– Speleonectes (Salt cave, Speleo salt cubes)

– Absolutnie ( Sol-Iletsk the earth gives a bountiful harvest of watermelons)

National (Egyptian) method of treatment

For “Egyptian” method of treatment should be avoided preobladanie and overheating, especially the elderly, children and adolescents, therefore, for this treatment you need to choose appropriate weather conditions. In salt lakes should not bathe more than 20 minutes. After bathing the most favourable regime will be air and sun baths.

Courses of treatment (depending on the number of days of stay at the resort)

– Wellness – a short course of treatment from 1 to 7 days;

– Healing rate is the average rate 2 weeks;

– Medical – full course 24-25 days

The course of treatment should be alternated mud day/day of salt. Every 6-7 day break.

The effect of treatment depends on the required in this disease the number of procedures. Before each treatment and after it is necessary to relax, a world war II time of admission to abide at rest.

People who came from far regions, to the adaptation process, you must first visit the lakes with low salt – Large and Small, urban lake.

On medical Tuzluca lakes, Wrymouth, the Collapse is contraindicated to bathe pregnant women, people who have suffered a myocardial infarction, people suffering from hypertensive disease, patients with ischemic heart disease.

The city has a balneological resort ’s Regional Sol-Iletsk hospital of regenerative treatment”

With us, Your stay in Sol-Iletsk with very attractive price will be unforgettable and full of bright emotions and will leave the warmest memories for years to come !!

Departures from Perm on our comfortable buses every Friday!

Departure from Gayva “Gayvinskiy the market” (direction towards city) at 19.30

The area near the Palace of Culture named after V. I. Lenin at 20: 20

Kama “Screen” 21.20

For your convenience and comfortable stay we made the booking the hotel through us.

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