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The Pink lake Hiller
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The lake of fire


Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa which never ceases to amaze and attract many tourists. The tourism motto of the capital of Ethiopia “Ethiopia – the land of 13 months of sun”!

Due to the fact that according to the Ethiopian calendar, the year is divided exactly at 13 months, and most of the year (an average of 346 days per year!) weather in Ethiopia – Sunny and clear. But, characteristically, are not as hot as in other African countries. This is due to its characteristics of location – the country is on a high plateau. Here is the most beautiful nature in the world .

Staying here, you will be able to enjoy extraordinary natural landscapes, to learn more about the culture and history of this country and of its peoples. In addition, service and maintenance in Ethiopia are at a very high level. You will find here a comfortable hotel can visit a variety of restaurants, out for a night on the town, to see all the sights. Or at least some of them, because the attractions here are many. 11 here is unique, carved into the rocks of the temples, to which every year come thousands of pilgrims. Observed fauna of the Amazon .

Amazing natural phenomena – the lowest Dallol volcano, the fiery lake of ERTA Ale on top of a volcano and many other exciting things are waiting for you in Ethiopia!

How good to rest in Ethiopia

During the holidays in this African country you will find many activities for a nice pastime.

The first option is, of course, excursions to the ancient cities, the most famous among them are Gondar, Axum, Addis Ababa. In addition, you can explore the majestic temples, you there is also a unique opportunity to communicate with representatives of different tribes, you can be a part of their ancient culture. You can see the salt lake Kalmykia in Yashalta on the website.

In addition, you should know that in Ethiopia, eco-tourism is very developed. There are 14 national parks, and in each of them you will see rare species of wildlife and birds, beautiful plants. Nature with its landscapes and mountain landscapes fascinates with its magnificence.

Also be sure to see the extraordinary spectacle of the waterfalls Tis ISAT and admire the rainbow formed in drops of water.

To become closer to nature of Ethiopia, you can go on a Safari. Skilled guides will make your stay incredibly comfortable and informative.

Fans of the spectacular species you can visit the zone of high seismic activity and a firsthand look at volcanoes.

Travelers who prefer outdoor activities, are engaged in rafting on the rivers awash Oromo. But on some lakes you can enjoy fishing and try to catch a trout or trout.

Attractions Of Ethiopia

The main city is the capital of Addis Ababa, a major economic and cultural center. Tourists can visit a Museum telling about the history of Ethiopia, admire the Grand Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, built in honor of the liberation from Italian occupation in 1941. In the business part of the city are located administrative buildings.

Ethiopia is famous for many National parks and reserves. You will be amazed by the beauty here you’ll see rare species of animals, lush, nature, bright fragrant flowers, many species of birds.

Particularly noteworthy lake Tana – here annually attracts thousands of tourists and travelers. Another natural attraction of Ethiopia is Dallol volcano is located in the low land of the volcano world.

Here you can watch the mesmerizing scenery, which you will not see anywhere else. It is still little studied, but it is incredibly beautiful. The intricate shapes of salt bright acid pools, acid lakes, and many other beauties can be seen near Dallol volcano. Well, the most exciting spectacle – a fiery red-hot lake of ERTA Ale. Instead of water here boiling lava. It never freezes and even occasionally erupts on the slopes of the volcano, but that’s what attracts to this extreme.

National cuisine of Ethiopia

Ethiopian cuisine is very interesting and unusual. It is characterized by lots of spices included in the recipes of dishes, including a lot of cardamom, pepper, Basil, thyme, mustard, garlic. By the way, garlic is used in almost all dishes.

Since many Ethiopians are very religious and observe the fasts in Ethiopian cuisine includes many vegetarian dishes. In the basis of meat dishes most often is beef. If you decide to visit the restaurant and taste something from the national cuisine, you can try:

“Wat” – a bird, braised with hard-boiled eggs in the same spicy sauce;

“Tipsy” – tender pieces of roasted lamb or beef with a spicy sauce;

«Brando” fresh raw meat in spicy sauce of mustard and pepper;

delicious lentils with peppers and meat.

Among drinks you can select coffee, who drink a lot, prefer the strong and the sweet. Coffee ceremony is quite long here – take up to several hours. Among alcoholic beverages, allocate “months” from honey – something like a Mead, a delicious dry wines and beer.

Transport in Ethiopia

If you want to travel within Ethiopia, you can use the plane. In addition, there are bus services between the cities of Ethiopia. Local buses are not very comfortable, old and depart when it is full, not time. But the railway in Ethiopia at all.

In the city you can travel by taxi, but on the cost it is better to agree in advance. You can also rent a car for the whole day, the drivers speak good English. You can also take a car rental, but since the roads here are not very good, better to give preference to SUVs. For this you will need an international driving license and age should be over 18 years of age. Still it is necessary to warn that tourists in Ethiopia should not drive a car during the night.