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Lake Bohinj


The Bohinj lake we managed to get out last summer twice. And something tells me that we will not rest.

The lake is located in the Eastern Julian Alps, at a height of 523 m above sea level. It is the largest lake of Slovenia . however, if desired, it can be seen in one day. But I assure you, the circles do not go there, it’s not paved diocleaner bled. Bohinj — it is the call of nature! Want to fly — fly, want to run — run, want to breathe — breathe!

But to slow down a bit and start from the earth — stay . Near the lake, two villages Stara Fužina and Ribčev Laz. Don’t know what is the size of the local population, but walking the local streets, it seems that more than half of the houses — this is a rented apartment. And the first thing that comes to mind that booking presents only a small part. If you want to pick, poravnati, in addition to booking explore the official website of lake Bohinj and this, or read the pdf brochure.

The website of the local camp of the Parking lot for the camping enthusiasts . Not to be confused with tourism in the Russian style — “savage”, Wi-Fi, kitchen, toilet with shower — will not let you forget that you are human.

Our first day trip was on the last of June. The weather was Sunny but the lake was still cold — 21 degrees Celsius. So after a short walk along the lake we headed to a local landmark —the waterfall of Savica (Slap Savica). Pay for the entrance and 553 steps through mountain forest — yours! The journey takes about 20 minutes, but as we ascended with our two year old daughter, we did order 40 minutes. Rose, tired, saw the waterfall. Of ow-of sighs followed. The waterfall is powerful, beautiful, but somehow at a distance, behind a fence, but still the tourists keep coming into the lens.

Next on the plan was a funicular ride to mount Vogel (Vogel) . The case is also free, but the view from the peak is beautiful . Of course with the ability and skill you can and do ascend to such heights, but to travel with the child ropeway — was the best option. Be sure to grab a pair of warm clothes, the temperature difference is significant.

Anyway, that day we had very intense, sometimes to string transmission. But the calmness of water, forever enveloped in the Alpine mountains, called for unhurried rest. So, when he left, we knew that we will definitely be back . to relax, enjoying the wild beauty. What we did at the end of August.

This time the water was warmer, but so that my daughter was able to persuade her to go to dad. On the second trip we did not plan compulsory visits. We walked, swam, had picnics, rode the local electric (tribute ecology) a boat. Taking in the tourist center map of the area, decided to look at Mostnica gorge (Mostnica gorge) . it was crowned with a small waterfall (Slap Voje / Slap Mostnica) .

In the way we moved just after lunch. Especially not knowing where to go and what awaits us, we are armed with GPS. The main purpose was walking. We walked slowly, looking at my daughter the flower, the streamlet, Lukashenko. Our path lay along the valley, where at a depth of twenty meters escaped the mountain and calm river. In the forest was a peaceful silence. And only at times there were fallen trees, Recalling that in the spring here the water flows dominate. In the end, when we went to the river, it was already dusk arrived. That affected the quality of the photos and to remove, it should be noted, there is something! The river has many huge boulders, glossy from the water, the velvet of moss. And in the thresholds was shining its turquoise clear water. Having the cards, realizing how lacking a wide angle lens, we estimate that to the waterfall for another hour and a half journey. Then the trail got more complicated, the sun is inexorably rolling towards the horizon and we headed home. As it turned out, the rapids we survived, often attract more tourists than the falls at the end of the route.

On the day of departure the sun spoiled us with its presence early in the morning. Walking around the lake, I peered into the sky, hoping to see the last trip, paragliding . I was unsure of the desire to do IT, but apparently the weather was not flying, so their desire I had left to ripen to a purposeful trip next year.

And finally, useful information to the public .

What else needs to be done on lake Bohinj.

Boating, baidarka, Canoeing, bike. For extremists — rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning. Popular in Slovenia — Hiking and skalolazanie. About paragliding — herself dream. Of course, don’t forget about the trivial lie in the grass and the contemplation of mother nature — is also useful

What else you need to look close to lake Bohinj.

1. The Mostnica Waterfall (Slap Voje / Slap Mostnica)

2. Gorge Vintgar (Vintgar Gorge)

3. Grmecica Waterfall (Slap Grmecica)

4. Waterfall Sausage (Slap Pericnik)

The waterfalls and interesting to see in winter, but in summer in Slovenia is a different holiday: the snow, mountains, ski, sled — and this is a topic for another post.