Resorts in Grodno and Grodno region in Belarus (Belarus)
    The wealth of the Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus is invaluable: they are magnificent forests, and beautiful lakes, and a vast resort and recreation. Resorts Grodno…

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The Lake of the separate zones and provinces
  For specific zones and province observed its peculiarities in the origin and regime of the lakes of the CIS. In the tundra and taiga of Middle and Eastern Siberia…

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The Lake of Death in Sicily.


When you search for information about the lake of Death in Sicily, you can find descriptions of this sort:

How much do you know about our planet and what mysterious things she got for us? If not, here is one of the most terrifying and mysterious phenomena of our globe, which is called the lake of Death in Sicily. Very bright and colorful at first glance, it kills all life that came into contact with its waters. For years, scientists have puzzled over what is happening, until it was revealed the unbelievable truth – in the lake has a high concentration of sulfuric acid.

Deadly lake food

Where did they get normal with mean Sicilian lake – sulfuric acid? This account was given different assumptions, for example, that the acid is washed out from being in the lake of rocks. However, scientists after long research found that the bottom of the lake there are two source of which has concentrated sulphuric acid. This stunning discovery was made only in 1999. Where feed sources of this “non-living” water – are unable to figure out so far.

Flora and fauna, or rather the lack of them

Thus, not only the coast itself, and an Acid lake are devoid of any vegetation or living organisms, but also in the whole district there is not one animal or bird. But if some poor beast will come here, he immediately dissolve in the waters scary lake.

Legends of the lake of Death

Lethal lake is associated with many stories. The most popular of them about the Sicilian mafia who allegedly were hidden in the corpses of the people they killed. True or not is impossible to know after just a few hours from the man, trapped in this water, will not even teeth.

Of course, on our planet there are other hazardous lakes, however, the most terrible and deadly is Sicilian lake of Acid, killing their victims instantly. What other phenomena has prepared or will prepare us nature is unknown. However, it is clear only one lake of Death is definitely not the place where one might seek on a summer holiday, even just to get near him is very dangerous.

However, these articles and descriptions are found only in Runet (sites in Russian). When you search on Italian sites (and turning directly to the locals) is nothing like it and even mention of the lake . where there is no vegetation and living creatures, and from the bottom of beat sources with sulfuric acid no .

Moreover, it appears that the photo is actually one in one coincides with a lake Yellowstone National Park. And the prototype of the so-called “Lake of Death” was volcanic lake Naftia (Lago di Naftia), which dried up at the beginning of last century.