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Rezekne Attractions Guide Area


Rezekne (Rezekne) – large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city’s area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents, postal index LV-4601 – LV-4605.

Rezekne is the city from 1285, when the master of the Livonian order, Wilhelm von Sauerburg have built the castle Rositten, and until the 13th century there were settlements of Latgalian. The city is situated on several picturesque hills, and the surrounding area has many lakes.

The city is one of the cultural centers of the region. In 2013 there was opened a new multipurpose center and concert hall “Latgale Embassy GORS”, which hosts various events and works of modern cinema Silverscreen Rezekne. Also in Rezekne has a community center, Latgale culture and history Museum, the culture House of national societies, the work of different teams.


Rēzekne is a major transport hub in Eastern Latvia. Through the city pass two national highway – from the A12 jēkabpils through Varaklani and through the Ludza and Zilupe to Russia and A13 from Daugavpils. through the Karsava to Pskov. And here converge regional road P36 in Gulbene. P54, P55 to the Dagda and the railway line to Moscow .

Rezekne bus station to stop buses to Moscow, Vilnius, St. Petersburg and regional buses depart. The message provides Rezeknes autobusu parks. In Rezekne runs 13 bus routes providing connections to all parts of the city centre.


If we talk about the attractions of Rezekne, it is worth noting the beautiful cathedrals and churches – Cathedral of the sacred Heart, a Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, the Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin, old believers prayer house of St. Nicholas, a Catholic Church of the suffering virgin Mary. Definitely worth a visit Castle hill to see the monument “United for Latvia” also known as “Latgales māra”.

And the whole Latgale is praised as the land of blue lakes. But pure Latgale the charm and the views from the hills, and dishes by old recipes. And shmakovka — clean as a whistle local brew. Latgale and smoke sauna in which to relax now only to pull because of stupid EU standards.

Much in Latgale will not ascribe to any one of the administrative districts. So potters are everywhere. But even the closest neighbours and competitors recognize here the priority of resinence. In Rezekne Museum houses one of the country’s largest collections of ceramics. Contemporary potters and works in the County as anywhere much. In Rezekne district, are the largest lakes of Latvia — different and of Luban, as well as the sacred sites and legendary Fort.

Latgale ceramics

Latgale Museum of cultural history in Rezekne has one of the richest in the country collections of works of ceramics. The history and traditions of the craft and devoted to a new exposition. There is an audio guide that will talk about the history of pottery, as well as styles, trends and fashion of different eras.

Park Lake Different

The area around the lake is a protected natural object. The purpose of its creation was to protect both the lake flora and fauna and the picturesque banks of the “Latgale sea”.

Swan rallies in Luban

Huge Swan flocks of migrating birds gather on the lake Luban. Here one can observe wild ducks and geese. But it was the swans that gather there in spring and autumn, produces on people especially strong impression.

The ornithologists and wildlife lovers especially love this place. After all, experts counted on the Luban to 225 species of birds!

Fishing on the lakes

In Rezekne district judges of this kind of leisure can find everything your heart desires. Possible fishing fishing, spinning, underwater hunting and even commercial fishing in Luban. Follow the rules of fishing and the acquisition of licences will take care of the owners of guest houses, inviting fishermen.

View from Makonkalns

Legends Makonkalns — hill 247,9 meters. It offers a wonderful view to lake rāzna and its surroundings. Mākoņkalns is one of the highest points in Latgale. The second name of the mountain — the celestial Empire.

Trail swamp Trail

Circular route through the picturesque swamp stretches for about a kilometer. The wooden path was designed by the Japanese and passes by a small lake among swamps. Some daredevils even bathe here. But without a guide who knows the shore, it is better not to do. Because the swamp is a treacherous place.