7 things to do in Italy
No, we do not encourage you to admire the Colosseum or ride a gondola, because everyone has the right to decide what city to give preference. But there is in…

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Kliluk - the spotted lake is the star attraction of Canada - unusual places of our planet
  In Canada, in British Columbia, near the U.S. border, is awesome in its beauty and unusual spotted lake Kliluk. Lake water contains many different minerals. On cool days this…

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The land of resorts and skiers


The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is rightly called the pearl of the Caucasus. Having been here only once, coming into contact with the magic of nature, talking to amazing people, people remain fascinated by it for life. The mild climate, magnificent mountains, rivers and waterfalls, amazing lakes, stunning in its depth and beauty, Caucasian hospitality and cuisine leave no one indifferent!

The nature of Kabardino-Balkaria not for nothing is unique: a small territory is, and all peaks-five thousand meters of the Caucasus, except Kazbek, the largest glaciers and raging rivers, and scorching steppes, and Alpine meadows, picturesque gorges, and the centre of ski tourism – the Elbrus region. Operate in the Republic of the camp, where with the help of experienced instructors you can climb on the heart of the Caucasus mountains – two-headed Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe (5642 m), the most beautiful and majestic mountain visible in the distance over 300 km away.

The capital of the Republic – Nalchik

Nalchik is a balneological mud resort of nationwide significance: guests have a 20 sanatoriums, boarding houses, sanatoriums-preventoriums, 2 viagrasaleonline, drinking Narzan gallery, a Palace of therapeutic physical training, medical beach resort and the lake. But the special pride of the city – a unique Park of culture and rest, the second in size in Europe is growing 150 species of trees and shrubs from around the world.

Terek is a city of diamond workers

As the city of Terek is still young, but as the village has a solid age – in 2006 it was 200 years. The town was founded in the years 1875-76, when the system has entered the Vladikavkaz railway, which was the station of Murtazovo with a tiny settlement of the same name. Over time, the station was surrounded by apartment houses, various institutions and private utility buildings.

Today Terek is one of the largest regional centers of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic with developed agriculture and industry. The city’s population is 20 of 255 people, with an area of 8700 ha. is The largest enterprise of the city – JSC “Terekalmaz” . thanks to which continue to build homes and kindergartens, sanatoriums and sports centers. Most Terziev worked or are working in JSC “Terekalmaz”, and out of town family, where there would be amaznica .