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  The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is rightly called the pearl of the Caucasus. Having been here only once, coming into contact with the magic of nature, talking to amazing people,…

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  Lake Garda is the largest lake of Italy, the area of its water surface is 370 sq. km the Lake is shared between three regions – Veneto (province of…

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The Witch lake


We have in our town is one scary legend about a witch, or rather her house flooded a few centuries ago. Rumor has it that even after death the soul of the black woman cannot find rest.

The name of your city intentionally did not write – I will say figuratively – near Moscow, in the Leningrad direction. Who knows disrepute our local pond, he will understand, if not – it’s for the best. Advertising witch lake did not want to do, and had the first wave of “tourists” — mainly nonconformists, zasevshih all the surroundings of the waste products and used products of the two – apparently accursed place, they as well affect the potency… and the digestive tract.

But it’s the lyrics. I want to tell you directly, the terrible legend about a witch. We say that it happened two centuries ago. I don’t know how they called these women, maybe the witch or fortune-teller, but on the very spot where now the lake, in a valley, lived a woman. Thank about it was bad, say, hobnob with the dark forces hurl. But going went, illness in the horse which attacks the witch, the demons in the man soul mash ruin – to the witch.

And all would be well, somehow endured local and on such a neighborhood, but then lost several children. Went into the woods toward the witch’s house and seemed to have disappeared. Well someone shouted that the hag in the house lured, and ate. Went to see her. She probably had to answer that knew nothing, and the witch to chuckle over them was like neither Yes nor no no says.

Local, without thinking, threw the rope over a rafter, hung a witch, and so it was left hanging… And in the evening the children returned. Themselves. Lost in the woods, and wander here so long. Only after that a few God-fearing men pulled the woman out of the loop, but was buried according to Christian customs. Only after a few days saw her grave dug and the body is not.

And behind the house witch has a bad fame went, there were children running to play, no matter how punished, was not scared. The one in the cellar will fall, legs will break, the other from the roof fall through. Burned that house. And in order to avoid temptation and through the ruins to climb, turned the bed of a small Creek and flooded the lowlands with witch house. So there was our lake, but a series of deaths and accidents that have occurred here, and stretches to this day – not a year that someone didn’t drown. And, as a rule, children die.

Remember how we once sat on the shore, the time was about four hours of the day. And here the shore was clouding mist. And quite thick, quite watery. All began hurriedly to go home – in silence, because the soul was an unpleasant aftertaste – this fog everyone was attributed a terrible legend, which everyone knew since childhood.

Then they heard the splash of water, as if someone, having bathed, came out of the water and barely discernible murmur. All, of course, panicked, got in a car and Victor, despite the dense fog, hit the gas. How not crashed, I’ll never know. Only went higher, on paved road, the mist cleared.

Of course, not necessarily that it was a witch or something. Skeptics can find a lot of explanations. We ourselves from time to time considered this a scary legend children’s tale. But I want to tell you something else.

We have local crazy – Mary stepanich. Its so called because of gray head, while the fool is older than me for five years. About the origin of Egor Stepanovich also goes an interesting story. In his youth he was one of the best swimmers, even like CCM. And here went together with the guys at witch lake where everything began to dive, who is deeper and will last longer under water.

And to his grief Egor ducked deeply. So, I saw the one. He only stood intact. He swam to slyshannoe the little window, and saw that inside was a beautiful woman, and around her gathered children. She looked up and met Whitney’s gaze, and only then, everything changed. Instead the woman was dilapidated skeleton amidst a pile of bones. Floated to the top Egor already gray. And from that day his head was damaged.

Of course, this is more of a story, but the fact remains – the actual bad. And, it is probably not by chance, even in the Soviet Union was called witch lake.