The lake of fire
  Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa which never ceases to amaze and attract many tourists. The tourism motto of the capital of Ethiopia "Ethiopia - the…

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Resorts in Grodno and Grodno region in Belarus (Belarus)
    The wealth of the Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus is invaluable: they are magnificent forests, and beautiful lakes, and a vast resort and recreation. Resorts Grodno…

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Rezekne Attractions Guide Area


Rezekne (Rezekne) – large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city’s area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents, postal index LV-4601 – LV-4605.

Rezekne is the city from 1285, when the master of the Livonian order, Wilhelm von Sauerburg have built the castle Rositten, and until the 13th century there were settlements of Latgalian. The city is situated on several picturesque hills, and the surrounding area has many lakes.

The city is one of the cultural centers of the region. In 2013 there was opened a new multipurpose center and concert hall “Latgale Embassy GORS”, which hosts various events and works of modern cinema Silverscreen Rezekne. Also in Rezekne has a community center, Latgale culture and history Museum, the culture House of national societies, the work of different teams.


Rēzekne is a major transport hub in Eastern Latvia. Through the city pass two national highway – from the A12 jēkabpils through Varaklani and through the Ludza and Zilupe to Russia and A13 from Daugavpils. through the Karsava to Pskov. And here converge regional road P36 in Gulbene. P54, P55 to the Dagda and the railway line to Moscow .

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Resort Lake White


The sanatorium “Lake White” – rest and treatment in Moscow suburbs on the Bank of White lake! It is on the shore of this pristine lake, its silvery brilliant surface among the Meshchera lowland, surrounded by birch trees, pines and firs, in Shatura district of the Moscow region and resort is located “White Lake”. No wonder Russian poet Sergei Yesenin is so glorified these Meshchersky edge, which, by the way, and still wear the seal of his aura! The jewel of the village is the lake “White” karst origin. has excellent topography with a uniform and a gradual decrease of depth. The bottom of the lake is lined with relict grass, closer to the coast the sand, the water is clear and the level is always constant: the lake is fed by numerous springs. The sanatorium “White Lake” is surrounded by forest, much of which are birch, pine and spruce.

Vacationers are located in two modern and comfortable buildings. But beyond that, there is something very special. in the sanatorium “White Lake” You can stay in cottages “the fathers” – just like Yesenin in his time!

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The Lake of the separate zones and provinces


For specific zones and province observed its peculiarities in the origin and regime of the lakes of the CIS. In the tundra and taiga of Middle and Eastern Siberia thermokarst lakes dominate, the Genesis of which is associated with thawing of permafrost. In most cases it is the small ponds freeze to the bottom, with a water mass of acidic, poor in fauna and flora, the so-called distrofia lake.

In the provincial forest and tundra of Western Siberia and the Russian plains is dominated by lakes of glacial or glacial-tectonic origin. Are they the best in the North West province of the Russian plain, called “Lakeland”. The size and depth of lakes more thermokarst, frost penetration to the bottom is observed in rare years, the water in lakes is fresh, often enriched with organic matter. In terms of nutrition — it’s pretty rich waters, often with large fisheries. Many of them intensively zavolakivaya, in many lakes there is a lack of oxygen.

Abundant in lakes of forest-steppe and steppe of Western Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan, which contributes greatly to the flat terrain. Basin lakes in these provinces is usually small, flat, saucer, apparently, suffusion of origin. Continue reading

The land of resorts and skiers


The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is rightly called the pearl of the Caucasus. Having been here only once, coming into contact with the magic of nature, talking to amazing people, people remain fascinated by it for life. The mild climate, magnificent mountains, rivers and waterfalls, amazing lakes, stunning in its depth and beauty, Caucasian hospitality and cuisine leave no one indifferent!

The nature of Kabardino-Balkaria not for nothing is unique: a small territory is, and all peaks-five thousand meters of the Caucasus, except Kazbek, the largest glaciers and raging rivers, and scorching steppes, and Alpine meadows, picturesque gorges, and the centre of ski tourism – the Elbrus region. Operate in the Republic of the camp, where with the help of experienced instructors you can climb on the heart of the Caucasus mountains – two-headed Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe (5642 m), the most beautiful and majestic mountain visible in the distance over 300 km away.

The capital of the Republic – Nalchik

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The Witch lake


We have in our town is one scary legend about a witch, or rather her house flooded a few centuries ago. Rumor has it that even after death the soul of the black woman cannot find rest.

The name of your city intentionally did not write – I will say figuratively – near Moscow, in the Leningrad direction. Who knows disrepute our local pond, he will understand, if not – it’s for the best. Advertising witch lake did not want to do, and had the first wave of “tourists” — mainly nonconformists, zasevshih all the surroundings of the waste products and used products of the two – apparently accursed place, they as well affect the potency… and the digestive tract.

But it’s the lyrics. I want to tell you directly, the terrible legend about a witch. We say that it happened two centuries ago. I don’t know how they called these women, maybe the witch or fortune-teller, but on the very spot where now the lake, in a valley, lived a woman. Thank about it was bad, say, hobnob with the dark forces hurl. But going went, illness in the horse which attacks the witch, the demons in the man soul mash ruin – to the witch.

And all would be well, somehow endured local and on such a neighborhood, but then lost several children. Went into the woods toward the witch’s house and seemed to have disappeared. Well someone shouted that the hag in the house lured, and ate. Went to see her. She probably Continue reading

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