The lake of fire
  Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa which never ceases to amaze and attract many tourists. The tourism motto of the capital of Ethiopia "Ethiopia - the…

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The amazing lake
  The scope and opportunities for tourism in the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate: the territory, occupying 1 / 8th of the earth's land, diversity of geographical zones, the…

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The city of Ust-Ilimsk


Twenty million rubles allocated from the regional budget for unscheduled repairs of school № 2 in the village Train Ust-Ilimsk district. Another million for the same purpose was received from the district Treasury. Before the start of the new academic year there will have to whitewash and paint the facade of the building, replace old Windows with plastic, and also to tidy up the basement and make some additional vents.

The actions devoted to Day of Russia

Festive procession of the city’s residents

More than 30 people in the Angara region passed the Russian language for 100 points

Kindergarten for 110 seats will be in Ust-Ilimsk

Rubicon is passed

The reservoir level has exceeded 188 meters. Quietly, as if in passing, was at one time the information that the level of the reservoir Boguchanskaya HPP has exceeded 185 meters on the Baltic system of heights. It happened last year in early November. Special attention of the public the event is not caught, but once this figure was a psychological threshold for the residents of our city and district.

IF you remember, back in 2006 in Ust-Ilimsk formed the Committee “Angara-185”. His main goal was to avoid filling the bed of the Boguchanskaya Continue reading

Lake Baikal

On Earth there are places that have preserved their original beauty, the greatness and creative force of nature. Siberian lake Baikal is one of them. This is a real treasure and pride of Russia. The oldest lake in the world, which totals about 30 million years old, is located in Central Asia and borders with the Irkutsk oblast and Republic of Buryatia. Baikal often called the sea for his restless temper. A distinction is made between Small and. The small sea – this is something that is located between the Northern coast of the island Olkhon and the mainland, and everything else – the Big sea. The lake lies in the Baikal basin-bottomless stone bowl, surrounded on all sides by mountains. The depth of the cavity is determined by the height of the mountains above it, the depth and thickness of lining the bottom of the unconsolidated sediments. Layer these lacustrine sediments in some places reaches 6000 meters, and its volume is twice the volume of the lake. Knowing the thickness of this layer, it is easy to calculate that the crystalline depth of the bed of lake Baikal is not less than 9000 square metres, the deepest point of lake Baikal native of bath lies approximately 7,000 meters below sea level. Stone cradle lake – the deepest depression on earth’s land. According to geologists, “roots” trench cut all the crust and leave in the upper mantle Continue reading

The Witch lake


We have in our town is one scary legend about a witch, or rather her house flooded a few centuries ago. Rumor has it that even after death the soul of the black woman cannot find rest.

The name of your city intentionally did not write – I will say figuratively – near Moscow, in the Leningrad direction. Who knows disrepute our local pond, he will understand, if not – it’s for the best. Advertising witch lake did not want to do, and had the first wave of “tourists” — mainly nonconformists, zasevshih all the surroundings of the waste products and used products of the two – apparently accursed place, they as well affect the potency… and the digestive tract.

But it’s the lyrics. I want to tell you directly, the terrible legend about a witch. We say that it happened two centuries ago. I don’t know how they called these women, maybe the witch or fortune-teller, but on the very spot where now the lake, in a valley, lived a woman. Thank about it was bad, say, hobnob with the dark forces hurl. But going went, illness in the horse which attacks the witch, the demons in the man soul mash ruin – to the witch.

And all would be well, somehow endured local and on such a neighborhood, but then lost several children. Went into the woods toward the witch’s house and seemed to have disappeared. Well someone shouted that the hag in the house lured, and ate. Went to see her. She probably Continue reading