Resort Lake White
  The sanatorium "Lake White" – rest and treatment in Moscow suburbs on the Bank of White lake! It is on the shore of this pristine lake, its silvery brilliant…

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The Dead sea. Lake Elton
  The therapeutic properties of the Dead sea (Dead Sea), its beneficial effect on the skin is known worldwide. On vacation at the Dead sea in Israel, comes the serious…

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The Pink lake Hiller


Since 1802 amazing lake Hillier (Hillier) located on the Middle island (Middle) archipelago Richert (Richerch) in Western Australia, is the most amazing place on this continent. Found it British scientist hydrographer Matthew Flinders, when raised to the upper point of the island.

Surrounded by a thick forest of eucalyptus and sandy beaches, pink lake Hiller is impressive in its unearthly, even space. Special riddle gives it that scientists still have not determined the nature of this unusual color of water. There is speculation that the reason lies in the presence of specific microorganisms Dunaliella, Halophilic Halobacteria or, however, none of the tests carried out here since the 1950’s, this hasn’t been verified. Still the pink lake Hillier remains for our advanced and high-tech world full of secrets a mystery.

In the first decade of the twentieth century on the island Hiller, whose coastline is no less than 600 kilometers and a depth less than one meter, the production was organized in the production of salt, but six years later it was closed and never rebuilt.

In fairness it should be noted that lake Hillier is not the only pink lake on our planet, however, it is the least studied at the moment. Other pink lake you will find Senegal (lake Retba), Australia near the city of kids will never get bored Continue reading

Kliluk – the spotted lake is the star attraction of Canada – unusual places of our planet


In Canada, in British Columbia, near the U.S. border, is awesome in its beauty and unusual spotted lake Kliluk. Lake water contains many different minerals. On cool days this lake as a lake, and in hot weather the water level drops and spotting the most obvious. And under different weather conditions quirky spots change color.

Spotted lake Kliluk – the name he was given an indigenous Indian tribe Okanagan. There is a legend that in ancient times various tribes of Indians were in a state of constant war. The decisive battle was to take place at the lake Kliluk. Entered the water, the wounded soldiers saw that the wounds on their body rapidly heal. They considered it a sign of the gods over and stopped feuding. Among the indigenous population since then, this amazing lake is considered to be miraculous, created Supreme powers.

Spotted lake actually has healing properties, thanks to its waters the huge stockpiles of magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium, silver and titanium. In dry weather water becomes so small that the minerals solidify, covered with a crust that can withstand human weight.

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The highest mountain lake in the world


Many consider the highest lake in the world lake Titicaca, located on the border of Bolivia and Peru at a height of 3812. Actually, there are lakes and higher. But Titicaca is the largest high-altitude lake, where it is even possible shipping.

This lake attracts many tourists by hitting them with its beauty and grandeur. Its name has Indian origin and means “stone Puma”. If you look at the lake from above, its shape is slightly reminiscent of the silhouette of this sacred animal for the Indians.

The depth of the lake is on average 150 m, but there are more deepwater berths, 280 m. In Titicaca flows into a number of mountain rivers, so the water is cold, its temperature about 10o C. the Lake is very large, its area is 8300 km2, and in its smooth surface rises 32 inhabited Islands. The people here are born and die, sometimes even without leaving their native Islands.

In addition to natural, the lake is still and 44 artificial floating Islands inhabited by mestizos. Islands made of reeds and clay. Reed made boats, in which the descendants of the Indians swim across the lake and the huts in which they live. The roots of the reeds are eaten. Local Indians were taught to weave reed boats of the famous traveler Thor Heyerdahl.

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