Small town Salt Iletsk is located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. The main attraction of Sol-Iletsk is a unique lake, located at an…

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Jack London Lake, Magadan Oblast
  In the distant, beautiful land of Russia, among picturesque meadows, gloomy forests and majestic mountains, at a height of 803 meters above the ground, there is a wonderful lake…

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The lake of fire


Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa which never ceases to amaze and attract many tourists. The tourism motto of the capital of Ethiopia “Ethiopia – the land of 13 months of sun”!

Due to the fact that according to the Ethiopian calendar, the year is divided exactly at 13 months, and most of the year (an average of 346 days per year!) weather in Ethiopia – Sunny and clear. But, characteristically, are not as hot as in other African countries. This is due to its characteristics of location – the country is on a high plateau. Here is the most beautiful nature in the world .

Staying here, you will be able to enjoy extraordinary natural landscapes, to learn more about the culture and history of this country and of its peoples. In addition, service and maintenance in Ethiopia are at a very high level. You will find here a comfortable hotel can visit a variety of restaurants, out for a night on the town, to see all the sights. Or at least some of them, because the attractions here are many. 11 here is unique, carved into the rocks of the temples, to which every year come thousands of pilgrims. Observed fauna of the Amazon .

Amazing natural phenomena – the lowest Dallol volcano, the fiery lake of ERTA Ale on top of a volcano and many other exciting things are waiting for you in Ethiopia!

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10 most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world


I want to drop what you’re doing in this stuffy city and to go to warmer climes on the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way? Bigpicture offers a look at this collection — perhaps the desire to be lost.

1. The lake of death, Italy

On the island of Sicily, which became famous thanks to the destructive power of mount Etna and the no less frightening, though not on display the power of mafia clans, there is one very dangerous attraction. Waters of Lake of death, which is inherently not waters at all, and concentrated sulfuric acid, so destructive, that this place, according to current perceptions in Sicily rumors, used the Cosa Nostra to conceal the corpses of his unfortunate enemies. Within minutes, the deadly pond, fed by two underground sources with H2SO4, destroys any organic matter, leaving only around a lifeless space.

2. The River Rio Tinto, Spain

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Rezekne Attractions Guide Area


Rezekne (Rezekne) – large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city’s area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents, postal index LV-4601 – LV-4605.

Rezekne is the city from 1285, when the master of the Livonian order, Wilhelm von Sauerburg have built the castle Rositten, and until the 13th century there were settlements of Latgalian. The city is situated on several picturesque hills, and the surrounding area has many lakes.

The city is one of the cultural centers of the region. In 2013 there was opened a new multipurpose center and concert hall “Latgale Embassy GORS”, which hosts various events and works of modern cinema Silverscreen Rezekne. Also in Rezekne has a community center, Latgale culture and history Museum, the culture House of national societies, the work of different teams.


Rēzekne is a major transport hub in Eastern Latvia. Through the city pass two national highway – from the A12 jēkabpils through Varaklani and through the Ludza and Zilupe to Russia and A13 from Daugavpils. through the Karsava to Pskov. And here converge regional road P36 in Gulbene. P54, P55 to the Dagda and the railway line to Moscow .

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Strange lakes of the world. The pink lake in Senegal.
In the world there are many beautiful and amazing places created by mother nature. One of the brightest and most charming — the Pink Lake in Senegal, the country where…


Young people of Sakhalin was made a naval expedition to the island of Kunashir
Extraordinary expedition along the island Kunashir (southern Kuriles) has committed a group of tourists from Sakhalin - acquainted with the harsh beauties of the participants in the mobile camp of…

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