The MOST AMAZING lakes of the WORLD
  Because the lake is a closed basin, they are literally tanks for experimental mixes. They can happen strange chemical reactions, but also to emerge anomalous creatures that are found…

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The lake of fire
  Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa which never ceases to amaze and attract many tourists. The tourism motto of the capital of Ethiopia "Ethiopia - the…

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The amazing lake


The scope and opportunities for tourism in the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate: the territory, occupying 1 / 8th of the earth’s land, diversity of geographical zones, the multi-ethnic and, therefore, many traditions, cuisines, cultural events, a tremendous amount of historical and architectural monuments, natural landmarks, areas with pristine untouched nature. People who choose journey in Russia, is doomed to an unforgettable kaleidoscope of impressions.

The sea is not uniform: variety of activities in Russia in the summer

Krasnodar region and the black sea coast is a favourite holiday destination for millions of residents of the Russian Federation and foreign tourists. Sandy beaches and pebbly Anapa to Sochi, Gelendzhik is a rare beauty of the Bay and a cool Windsurfing on the Yeysk spit is a real Paradise for those who love to spend their vacation at sea.

But in Russia so many places where the traveler can find excellent and unique opportunities for different kinds of entertainment, their transfer will occupy not one page. Amazing lakes of Karelia, the Caucasus, with its curative mineral springs, ancient Volga region and the Urals, unreal landscapes Continue reading

The Kerch community to save the lake Chokrak
  Environmental public organization «Ukrainian society for the protection of birds" 29 - 30 November conduct final conference. The event takes place in the framework of the campaign “I love…


Young people of Sakhalin was made a naval expedition to the island of Kunashir
Extraordinary expedition along the island Kunashir (southern Kuriles) has committed a group of tourists from Sakhalin - acquainted with the harsh beauties of the participants in the mobile camp of…

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