The Pink lake Hiller
  Since 1802 amazing lake Hillier (Hillier) located on the Middle island (Middle) archipelago Richert (Richerch) in Western Australia, is the most amazing place on this continent. Found it British…

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The amazing lake
  The scope and opportunities for tourism in the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate: the territory, occupying 1 / 8th of the earth's land, diversity of geographical zones, the…

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Red flowers torn from the water-rhizome

Tourists almost completely destroyed the blooming lotuses, whose beauty has recently admired the hundreds of thousands of people. Lotus seeds in the Volgograd region brought fishermen from Astrakhan five years ago.

Since ancient times, the Lotus is considered a sacred plant because of its open flowers ability to turn with the sun.

Today, the site of the once Lotus plantations, there were only a few flowers. Locals together with the administration accused of blasphemy in the heads of the natural Park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain”, which is directly, in their opinion, should be responsible for the lake.

– We repeatedly tried to talk to the leadership of the natural Park, but no response, the lake turned into a puddle – konasov worried, Alexander, the Deputy head of the Kirov rural settlement sredneakhtubinsky district. – And because this area is under the jurisdiction of the Park. Now the lake of debris on pure enthusiasm cleaned the toes “Unity”. You can safely predict that in the Volgograd region of lotuses will be no more.

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The Kerch community to save the lake Chokrak


Environmental public organization «Ukrainian society for the protection of birds” 29 – 30 November conduct final conference. The event takes place in the framework of the campaign “I love my coast”.

Throughout the year, in the vastness of the Tarkhankut and Kerch peninsulas of the Crimea under the auspices of the society was held environmental action not only on cleaning of the protected coasts, but also large-scale restoration of water bodies.

“rates of Freshwater to the arid steppes are the most important objects to maintain balance in nature and development of biodiversity in our region.

During the conference, presentations will prodemonstriruet the results of the work of the public organization.

On the territory of regional landscape Park Karolinskogo in the area Karaska beams. Babicka. Plague, Mizerska. There are snigireva dam ponds.

These beams are fed by springs and precipitation, freshwater runoff and flow into the salt lake Chokrak. which, according to the petition of the Leninsky district administration. by order dated December 21, 2011 the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Continue reading

Rezekne Attractions Guide Area


Rezekne (Rezekne) – large Republican city in Eastern Latvia, the geographical centre of Latgale, located on the eponymous river. The city’s area of 17.5 sq. km population 33042 residents, postal index LV-4601 – LV-4605.

Rezekne is the city from 1285, when the master of the Livonian order, Wilhelm von Sauerburg have built the castle Rositten, and until the 13th century there were settlements of Latgalian. The city is situated on several picturesque hills, and the surrounding area has many lakes.

The city is one of the cultural centers of the region. In 2013 there was opened a new multipurpose center and concert hall “Latgale Embassy GORS”, which hosts various events and works of modern cinema Silverscreen Rezekne. Also in Rezekne has a community center, Latgale culture and history Museum, the culture House of national societies, the work of different teams.


Rēzekne is a major transport hub in Eastern Latvia. Through the city pass two national highway – from the A12 jēkabpils through Varaklani and through the Ludza and Zilupe to Russia and A13 from Daugavpils. through the Karsava to Pskov. And here converge regional road P36 in Gulbene. P54, P55 to the Dagda and the railway line to Moscow .

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