Lake Bohinj
  The Bohinj lake we managed to get out last summer twice. And something tells me that we will not rest. The lake is located in the Eastern Julian Alps,…

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Strange lakes of the world. The pink lake in Senegal.
In the world there are many beautiful and amazing places created by mother nature. One of the brightest and most charming — the Pink Lake in Senegal, the country where…

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Snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro and cute Zebra in the Serengeti!


Check yourself for strength, a crazy adrenaline rush, Safari in unspoilt wilderness, hundreds of thousands of African animals, the unfathomable riches of the underwater world and relax on the white beaches of Zanzibar – all this is part of the larger journey that will change your life!

What else awaits adventure lovers in the mysterious and alluring Tanzania. Anyone who has ever visited this wonderful country, is sure to confirm that this journey is worth the money. This is the very pearl of the African continent, which is simply impossible to ignore.

Tanzania: secrets, secrets and highlights

There are on our planet is a real piece of Paradise, where there is pristine nature with its unique inhabitants. And name this place of Tanzania. Many people ask: what is so attractive in this country, and why hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every year?

About his journey through Tanzania you will never forget:

· first, there are no laws of time, and no false human morality. This corner of the Earth is beautiful at any time of the year. Its lush and colorful scenery can be enjoyed even in the rainy season. Fantastic scenery of lake Natron and Lengai volcano, will remain forever in your Continue reading

10 most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world


I want to drop what you’re doing in this stuffy city and to go to warmer climes on the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way? Bigpicture offers a look at this collection — perhaps the desire to be lost.

1. The lake of death, Italy

On the island of Sicily, which became famous thanks to the destructive power of mount Etna and the no less frightening, though not on display the power of mafia clans, there is one very dangerous attraction. Waters of Lake of death, which is inherently not waters at all, and concentrated sulfuric acid, so destructive, that this place, according to current perceptions in Sicily rumors, used the Cosa Nostra to conceal the corpses of his unfortunate enemies. Within minutes, the deadly pond, fed by two underground sources with H2SO4, destroys any organic matter, leaving only around a lifeless space.

2. The River Rio Tinto, Spain

Red like blood, the water of the river Rio Tinto, which has its origin in the Spanish province of Huelva and flowing in Andalusia, not only unattractive in appearance. Due to the high concentrations of metals originating from copper, silver and gold mines, this lake has become Continue reading