LONG - Lake Blue
  Children's camp "Blue lake" was founded in 1991 for the children of workers and employees of the Leningrad plant "Engine". The DOL "Blue lake" is a celebration of summer,…

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The Lake of the separate zones and provinces
  For specific zones and province observed its peculiarities in the origin and regime of the lakes of the CIS. In the tundra and taiga of Middle and Eastern Siberia…

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10 most dangerous rivers and lakes in the world


I want to drop what you’re doing in this stuffy city and to go to warmer climes on the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way? Bigpicture offers a look at this collection — perhaps the desire to be lost.

1. The lake of death, Italy

On the island of Sicily, which became famous thanks to the destructive power of mount Etna and the no less frightening, though not on display the power of mafia clans, there is one very dangerous attraction. Waters of Lake of death, which is inherently not waters at all, and concentrated sulfuric acid, so destructive, that this place, according to current perceptions in Sicily rumors, used the Cosa Nostra to conceal the corpses of his unfortunate enemies. Within minutes, the deadly pond, fed by two underground sources with H2SO4, destroys any organic matter, leaving only around a lifeless space.

2. The River Rio Tinto, Spain

Red like blood, the water of the river Rio Tinto, which has its origin in the Spanish province of Huelva and flowing in Andalusia, not only unattractive in appearance. Due to the high concentrations of metals originating from copper, silver and gold mines, this lake has become Continue reading