The amazing lake
  The scope and opportunities for tourism in the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate: the territory, occupying 1 / 8th of the earth's land, diversity of geographical zones, the…

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Resorts in Grodno and Grodno region in Belarus (Belarus)
    The wealth of the Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus is invaluable: they are magnificent forests, and beautiful lakes, and a vast resort and recreation. Resorts Grodno…

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LONG – Lake Blue


Children’s camp “Blue lake” was founded in 1991 for the children of workers and employees of the Leningrad plant “Engine”. The DOL “Blue lake” is a celebration of summer, joy, peace, understanding and creativity. The camp is located in the Vyborg district on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes of the Karelian isthmus. Water space, scenic natural landscapes, fresh air, and help you create a unique microclimate. Each year, it welcomes hundreds of boys and girls, but not because “magical lake blue magnet”. Children and parents know that the experienced teaching staff of the camp is always ready to organize their stay and make it informative and interesting. Highly professional, friendly team “Blue lake” invests a lot of effort in improving his beloved camp. For better organization of summer recreation here. The large well-landscaped area of twelve hectares, is conveniently and compactly located.

– winter seven two-storey buildings with rooms for 4-6 people. The total capacity of the camp is 550 people per shift. All residential buildings have toilets and wash areas with nogometni on the floor. There are also showers on the floor, clothes dryer and bathroom hygiene, Laundry at the camp.

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County Kerry, Ireland


County Kerry, located in the South-West of Ireland, on the Atlantic coast is one of the most visited regions of the country. People from all over the world come here to see the stunning scenery: rocky cliffs, picturesque coves, bays with picturesque fishing villages, evergreen valley, barren, beautiful lakes, desert island… Travellers also attract numerous sights Carrie – historical, archaeological, cultural monuments and the unique nature of the County. Its climate is not typical for Irish Islands off the coast of Kerry passes the warm Gulf stream, which “preheats” the air that provides favorable conditions for relict plants: only Carrie remained primitive oak groves.

Another asset of the County – its unique culture, jealously guarded by residents. The population is Carrie still uses in daily communication in the native Irish language Galic (gaeilge).

Ring Carrie

One of the main attractions of the County – “Ring of Kerry” is a popular closed 115-mile route on the Peninsula Iverach. This kind of “Golden Ring” of Ireland. If you look at his schematic map image on Carrie, you can see how it is full of objects, interesting for tourists. The route starts in Killarney and passes, almost belting the County, partly by forest, partly along Continue reading



Small town Salt Iletsk is located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. The main attraction of Sol-Iletsk is a unique lake, located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, cover an area of 53 hectares. Mineral (salty) lakes are unique in their composition, temperature and curative properties.

The most famous among them – the Collapse of the lake. Interestingly, the location of this lake formerly stood the mountain of the ACE-tube.

Water lake the Collapse of a very full of salt. In one liter of lake water dissolved more than 300 grams of salt! It is similar to the widely known Dead sea in Israel. Because of the great density of the water pushes the person to the surface and water of lake Collapse can lie quietly. The width of the lake – up to 300 meters and reaches a depth of 15-18 meters.

The history of the development of therapeutic mud, salt, brine and other natural resources Sol-Iletsk lakes has more than a century. The lake, having a huge bio-energy, are sacred for Muslims and therapeutic qualities relate to places of worship. The legend says that the lakes have powerful healing energy, which cleanses people from damage and the evil eye, giving them a recovery. Holidaymakers, located on the territory of salt lakes, restores the aura, and the body Continue reading