County Kerry, Ireland
  County Kerry, located in the South-West of Ireland, on the Atlantic coast is one of the most visited regions of the country. People from all over the world come…

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The Researchers had set the Guinness record, lost in the lake labynkyr
  Tatar underwater research detachment of the Russian geographical society was established on Friday a record for Soi Ki-Guinness, lost in the lake Labynkyr in Oymyakon region of Yakutia. The…

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Dominican Republic



What’s new in the Dominican Republic?

Christopher Columbus visited the Dominican Republic in 1492, he exclaimed in admiration: “This most beautiful land I have ever seen!”

The Dominican Republic can be described as a typical tropical Paradise, about the benefits which you can read in all the tourist brochures. And advertising is not deceptive, there are Golden sand beaches, unique black amber, hundreds of thousands of coconut palms and comprehensive peace.

Geographic features

The Dominican Republic occupies the Central and Eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago. It also owns numerous Islands, for example, Saona and Beata. The entire country covers an area of 48 730 km².

In the West, the Dominican Republic borders on Haiti, on the southern side it is washed by the Caribbean sea on the North – Atlantic ocean, East of Puerto Rico it separates the Strait of Mona.

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Slovenia from Yekaterinburg


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Imagine the state of equal area to the half of the Moscow region. Add a little of the Alps, the Adriatic sea and top up with clean lakes, dig therm and planted lush forests — will succeed in Slovenia.

In Slovenia, a great many therapeutic thermal spas, many of which are not inferior in quality accommodation and therapeutic facilities to the best world samples, and others — such as rogaška Slatina, known throughout the world.

The sea here is crystal clear, suited to the rocky shore for nearly 50 km. Magnificent mountains hiding in their depths karst caves with fancy stalactites and stalagmites, and underground lakes with people living in them with blind fish. The underground palaces you can ride on the train. The Ljubljana marshes can be seen prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps. The nature of Slovenia is striking in its pristine beauty. Canyons, gorges, waterfalls and deciduous forests — all of it untouched by civilization, like millions of years ago.

March of time is felt in the cities. The capital Ljubljana was built on the ruins of the Roman fortress of Emona. The city is located on the highest hill in Ljubljana, Ljubljana castle and the Cathedral. The old square near the Church. James, surrounded by medieval Continue reading

Kuban: Amazing


The new year Katya has opened a new Country.

The Country is situated on the Island. Its area is 262 sq. km.

The residents of the Country are proud that their Island is so Big – it’s bigger than all the other Islands combined. About it they write in a Tourist Booklet (Yes, they have them).

In the summer there is not very hot – the average temperature is 24 degrees, and waters – 29. Colder winter: 18 degrees air and 25 water.

In this Country lives a lot of people: 2,000 people.

The control is made by the Legislative Assembly, composed of 20 members and headed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is elected by the Legislative Assembly (the Assembly), his responsibilities include the appointment of the Cabinet of Ministers, which includes, besides the Prime Minister, three Ministers. These four people are the Supreme power of the Country. They live in the Capital. The capital is a large city consisting of two parts: North and South. In the Northern lives of 256 people. In South – 358.

The Country has no taxes. At all.

In order to enter the Country, visas are not necessary. To pay also nothing. Collecting slightly more than 400 rubles you have to pay when you leave the Country.

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